Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year

Jan 10, 2012 | Uncategorized | 19 comments

 Pardon my crappy graphic… I was too lazy to re-do it.

Let’s just call it orange… cause “Tango” makes me way too sad (Hubby and I used to take Tango… dream come true… but now we don’t…)
Something happened to me after 30.
I fell in love with orange.
From my Chinese Poppies to my orange wig I wore to be Syndy Bristow one year for Halloween and then last year to be Madeleine for Amélie’s birthday…
Orange is fun, bright, super sexy and goes well with almost everything.

Not for the faint of heart though… it does really zing!
I use it in décor… and love, love, love the orange Nine West strappy heels that my SIL  gave to me. (I’ll never understand why??)
If Tangerine Tango is the color for 2012 I say bring it on!  The more to choose from the better!

So what say you on Tangerine Tango
Yay, Nay or all the way?

What’s your color for 2012???

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LipGloss – Tarina Terantino… my new favorite… even if I don’t own it yet!


  1. Goldie

    I am not sure I like it… a little too bright for my own liking.

  2. Ana Maria

    I think it’s FABULOUS! I call it “Hermes orange” (how’s that for being a snob?) I think it is a fabulous color for accessories, both home decor and fashion: Think of a gorgeous scarf or a simple little Birkin with your all black ensemble!

    By the way, I love your blog, love your style and your commentaries. You are an example of womanhood! – Yes, we CAN do it all – if we center our lives on the Lord!

    Ana María

  3. The French Table

    I love it! I’m usually the neutrals kind of girl but once in a while I like a pop of color, and this is perfect. I actually have a pair of ostrich driving moccasins in this color which I wore yesterday because it was so gray here. Now I can wear them all the time! 😀


  4. teri nolan-range

    Yes, and Orange
    Lipstick in the right shade, can be fabulous!

  5. The Path Traveled

    I like orange! I also love Pinks and Yellows. They don’t look good together but apart they say a lot.
    Yellow is bright, makes you smile, and bold!
    Pink is soft, sexy, delicate…and my granddaughters favorite color.

    I love your blog! It always make me smile! Thank you.

  6. Bettyann

    green and white is a colour I love…fresh and clean…though I did buy an orange cutting board lol…

  7. Bring Pretty Back

    Last years color was Honeysuckle- the bright pink. Which I LOVE. Pink is my FAVE!!! So… while the orange is nice… Honeysuckle still has my heart!
    Have a pretty day!

  8. Mandy

    not sure about the orange as far as home decor, but could totally see strappy sandlas….but you had me at sidney series! i actually was high school pals with the guy who played Sark;)

  9. Corrina

    Sorry it’s nay for me both on the home decor and fashion. I look better in red, purple/deep blues and black. I can appreciate tangerine in a pop art kind of room with lots of white walls and hot pink (although I would never have it myself!)xxCorrina.

  10. Posy and Co.

    Well, considering I’m a girl who surrounds herself with white, white, and more white, this year I think I’m going to branch waaaay out and add some RED! Much love, Lisa

  11. Pam @ Frippery

    Orange has always been a favorite. We even have an orange leather couch in the lower level family room. I considered moving it upstairs recently. Still haven’ t gotten brave enough.

  12. Parisienne Farmgirl

    SO FUNNY – My little Julien is named after SARK!!!!

    We named our kid after a bad guy… don’t you just love it!

  13. Farmers Wifey

    I love it, I really do!! But my aussie heart belongs to green ♥

  14. joanne

    i really am NOT an orange fan….although, i love to eat them,,,it reminds me of the 60s and 70s when the top decor colors were burnt orange, avocado green and harvest gold….seems like almost everything was in one of those three colors…ghastly.

    so needless to say, i am not a fan of tango tangerine or any other name that orange is christened.

    last year’s honeysuckle was cool…..

  15. LaVonna Tetzlaff/facebook

    Love the tangerine! especially since we are getting 4 to 6 inches of snow. Can’t wait for the new magazine. I’ve already subscribed to it & made a notation on my facebook page. Please enter me in the giveaway!! P. S. if this is a duplicate, sorry. Think I put a comment under J. Depp’s pic from 2010.

  16. Dawn

    It’s my favorite color for a summer pedicure!!!

  17. melyssa

    orange is my favorite, although I tend to go towards the pumpkin type of shade. But maybe I’ll live on the edge and go for the bright…soon…not yet.

  18. Carole Kurth

    I’m excited! I have begun to love orange in the last year, and this makes me so happy just to look at it. For those who think it’s too much, just use a dab in an accessory w/ neutrals: Khaki, Grey, Black, White. Who wouldn’t love a pair of sexy heels, or wedges in this color, or a throw pillow for your fave chair?! I just found a yummy sweater in this color yesterday at my favorite resale shop!

  19. Victoria

    Hmm.. you’re making me fall in love with those heels all over again!
    I’d like to bring on some brights like this. I’ve never been into red because it make my skin look weird, but I so want that pop of color and you just can’t get that with cool colors. Tangerine all the way!


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