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Oct 1, 2021 | On Design, On Homemaking | 5 comments

Well, the “pretty room” as we’ve always called it is JUST about finished and I couldn’t wait ’til it was, to share it with you. Life is going by SO fast with all these projects and I’ve been so neglectful in posting here. I figured with a new space, I should celebrate with a tiny, little blog post!

Since we moved in, just under four years ago, we’ve called it the “pretty room” simply because it was finer than anything we had ever owned. Even though the walls were unfinished, the envelope window was hideous and the room had sort of an “orange glow” to it, this space held so much potential.

Today we are giving it the grand title of the “drawing room” and I’m so pleased to be able to share this video with you even though we still have a few things left to do. Those things being:

-Replace the baseboard

-Install a light in the second half of the room


-Stone the envelope window in the same fashion as the kitchen window. (Which will REALLY give it that European/British look of the finest room in the cottage with a deep-set stone windowsill. AHHHHH!)

I hope we can squeeze those things in before the Holidays, but I also have a two-year-old master bath project I’d LOVE to finish up too. So, we’ll see.

A few notes for you:

-The fabric is long discontinued, but it is by Richloom and if you find it in this color, you’ve struck gold.

-The wall technique is called “skip trowel” and I’ve shared a how-to on an older office video.

-The paint colors are by Shermin Williams and are Heavenly Blue on the ceiling and Boca Raton Blue on the walls.

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  1. d

    LOVELY room!

  2. Donna vaughn

    Loved your transformation! Can you please share the playlist?

  3. Barbara Troeller


    Your room is beautiful, so warm and welcoming. Like you!

  4. Dewena

    I loved watching this beautiful video on my phone and then on the television screen with my husband. It was brave of you to paint the ceiling and beams but does set off this room as a little different from your other lovely rooms and easily says that this is the Drawing Room! And that paint color on the walls is gorgeous with your beautiful curtains! I’m so glad you took the trouble to show us the costs of different elements in the room. That large clock over the sofa is so nice with the paintings!

  5. Claire

    Love this room! I hope you will share it with us decorated for Christmas! Perfect blog — you always leave me wanting more!


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