As we’re slogging through this kitchen remodel I can’t help but look back on the biggest projects we’ve done and how they’ve truly changed our home into our very own French Farmhouse. So, I’ve got TWO videos to share with you today before we head back to the tile project next week.

FIVE projects.

TWO videos.

TONS of insp.

l promise:

In the first installment of this series, we delve into the creation of our breathtaking potager-style French gardens. From the labor to the layout, it’s a feast for the senses and a celebration of the beauty and abundance of French garden culture not to mention how precious it is to see my little chickens helping make all these happen. They were so tiny! There are plenty of ideas for you as we’re all going into gardening season.

I then invite you into the heart of our home, the kitchen, as we crank up the blues and tear out the 1980s eco windows to create the timeless elegance of our deep-set stone window sills. Discover the artistry and ingenuity behind this traditional English and French architectural feature as we share the process of sourcing, shaping, and installing the natural stone elements that added so much character and charm to our home.

It takes a lot of new life to make something look old and I’m all about embracing the timeless allure of French farmhouse living. Whether you’re dreaming of your own garden oasis or yearning to infuse your home with some old-world rustic elegance – this week is right up our alley.

I’ve been striving for AUTHENTIC during the last 6 years and these projects I’ve been sharing with you, I really feel have played a pivotal role in making our home feel like we’ve been transported across the pond.

I didn’t want it to feel like the French section at HomeGoods, ya know?

In the first part of this 2nd installment, I invite you into the cozy embrace of our third-story loft transformed into charming attic bedrooms for our little ones. From crafting new walls and maximizing space to infusing each corner with love and imagination, this video is a celebration of childhood wonder and the joy of pushing creativity for our family to grow and thrive.

Next, we journey to the heart of our home as we share the mesmerizing process of crafting a stone fireplace for our range. This was the project that I got called “crazy” for whenever I tried to explain it. I was inspired by the rustic charm of French country kitchens, this project is a labor of love and a testament to grit and following through with an idea!

And lastly, we venture into the entryway of our farmhouse to unveil the creation of a British-style bootroom. This project is a tribute to the beauty of functionality, quirkiness, and the joy of embracing life’s little luxuries like hand-me-down wainscotting and Grampa’s shirts.

Whether you’re dreaming of transforming your own attic into a cozy retreat, giving your stove a place of drama in your kitchen, or creating a welcoming entryway that speaks to the soul, these videos are sure to inspire and delight and hopefully get your own creative juices flowing!

I’m just getting home from France so we’ll be back at it, but I appreciate you being here for a look at what I feel are some of our greatest accomplishments.