Our First “Weekend” of the Summer!

May 20, 2008 | Random Thoughts | 6 comments

How blessed I am to have a new and “old” friend! I just made one “officially” this weekend by meeting a fellow blogger and her family and the “old” friend…well I have known her for eight years and our friendship has really blossomed in the last two. That is something I am just thrilled about.
How ironic that these two friends, one from Illinois and one from Michigan have a home and summer home within minutes of each other…
What a FABULOUS way to start the summer!



  1. Homemakerang


    i HAD A wonderful weekend too! you are beautiful people, inside and out! I am glad we have started this friendship! we are 2 peas in a pod…


    i will call you later! i missed your call last night because i was out by the animals and it was 2 late to call you when I came in.

    glad you made it home

    and for the record i have seen the yellow submarine lots of times from 678 Fawn’s Rest

  2. Julee Ann

    You know the old saying/song…

    Green Acres is the place for me!
    Farm livin’ is the life for me!

    I’m trying not to be frosty about your MI itinerary, hopefully we can connect next time.

    If you want, I can teach you how to turn the Ken Burns effect off … not that there’s anything wrong with it.=)

    We had a much over-do warm reunion at the farm. Pumped up to carry on the legacy.

  3. Parisienne Farmgirl

    I know how to turn it off. 🙂 Sometimes I like it to give a little motion to a slide show.
    Yeah, please dont be frosty. Goodness, my own brother was an hour away but between him, you, Faith, Mandi, Sonya and Jen sometimes you just have to come in on a covert mission or else you would spend you entire weekend in the car!
    We needed to relax!
    We are headed to the farm Friday – CANT WAIT!!!!

  4. May Vanderbilt

    Chickens! Babies! Dandelions!

    What a cute photo montage. It seems awfully exotic to this city girl. Take me with you next time?

  5. Faith

    It looks like a fabulous time was had by all. A weekend you’ll never forget. The photo of the babies holding hands is too precious!!!

  6. BEth

    Oh My Gosh!!!!! This is my first comment and I now feel like a huge computer geek that I have figured this out!! Only for you Ang!!! I loved the pictures and am so glad that you have made it to sandy pines 2 years in a row. next year after the new baby you will have to come for a week and we will hang with the kidos in the sand box. So glad you and joel had a chance to relax. we loved our time together. Yeah…. this is so much fun. look out blogger world, here I come.


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