Our Day with “Tom”

Aug 18, 2007 | Full Time Family, On Motherhood | 1 comment

I have a new list (a mile long) of all the cute things our P.R. has done in the last 24 hours – Like this dialogue we had with Aidan on our way home from our special family morning…

Aidan, Asking if Joel had to work today: Daddy work?

Me: Tu peux parler au francais?

Aidan: Daddy-Papa work?

If you don’t get it, that’s OK, the point is, we about drove off the road. Today was “A Day with Thomas” at the Train Museum, and would you believe Aidan asked for Zach on the way there??? I mean, how long ago was that and HOW did he understand where we were going??? We just told him he was going to meet “Tom” (as he calls him) and yes, we answered every time he asked, “You can touch him.” He didn’t really get to touch him but after watching the look on his face in this little movie you will see he really didn’t care. Being a parent is a ridiculous amount of fun!

The “P.R. Post” is hosting the film – Click here!!! SO CUTE!

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  1. Faith

    How cool was that!!! I so glad you guys got to do that. It looks like you had an awesome time. That’s adorable that Aidan asked for Zach.
    Love you!!!!


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