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The Other Ang Hits it Big!

My dear friend (Homemaker Ang), her family and their off-grid Maple Valley Farm will be featured on Anderson Cooper’s show tomorrow (Tues on CBS check local listings).

Watch as a stressed out family turns in all their gadgets and gizmos to live 24 hours off the grid…
Check out our experience here and be sure to tune in tomorrow!

I love you girl!

7 thoughts on “The Other Ang Hits it Big!”

  1. Matt and Ang are about 45 mins. from us. Hubby and I were able to go this past spring and spend some time at the cottage. We so much enjoyed the peace and getting to know them! What an awesome family. We were actually going up there again last week, when Ang called and said the film crew was on their way and we would have to reschedule the visit! LOL so we are hoping to go up again soon!
    p.s. the new little one is beautiful! Enjoy!

  2. Ang….for those w/o TV access, I have a link for internet streaming of CBS. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

    Pay no attention to the Steelers VS Cardinals, or whatever the heck it says on the top of the screen. Just watch the 30 sec. commercial (usually a car commercial) and then it will start up. This is streaming from Florida, so keep in mind the time change. I believe it is on 4p, Eastern time….

  3. Can’t wait to see this…thanks so much for sharing! I already set our DVR to record. Hubby asked me to WAIT to watch it with him…but I don’t think I can! I think I’ll sneak watch it…and then pretend to view for the 1st time tonight!

    Anderson Cooper is on at 10 AM in KC…1 more hour. So excited to learn more about this family…

    You went to visit them right?

    To Texas Mom…I have never seen his show, but I feel a bit like Farmgirl Cyn…I think Anderson is the most balance of all the liberals on CNN. We’re a FOX News network family, but I can’t help but sneak a peek every once in a while to see what the left side is reporting… 😉

  4. No, I am not a Anderson fan – I don’t know much about him but I don’t watch TV. I too am off the TV grid and use my computer for everything. I hate TV. I’ll be catching this tomorrow on the internet (hopefully)

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