style="text-align: center;">So, Wanna here the story behind this one?
I thought you’d never ask.
How many pitiful times did I allude to being “so sick lately” in the last months on this blog?  
I hate to think.  
And I told myself I would “be grateful” for being sick… see, very early on I thought I was going to loose this sweet baby.  I was frantic and heartbroken.  I lost my very first and leaving out the details… all the signs were there that I was going to loose this one too.  But, praise God for midwives, I had my Progesterone checked and it was dangerously low, she put me on Progesterone cream, told me to tone down the Turbo Jam for a few weeks and the “signs” stopped.  
Praise God.
I am now 13 weeks along.
An “Organic Pregnancy” it has NOT been.
Let’s just get it out of the way.  I get sick.  Really sick, all day and night from about weeks six to sixteen and then it tones down to a few times a week.  I mean so sick I see stars if you know what I mean… this time.. (TMI WARNING)… my esophagus actually started to bleed!  YIKES!  So now, I am on medication.  It’s actually helping.  Not every day but most of the time I feel slightly human, I can converse without running away mid sentence, I can run a load of laundry, even prepare meals.  It’s a bonified miracle.  
I am actually eating healthy again too!
For those horrible weeks I was without my beloved Turbo Jam… my thighs immediately turned to eewy, gooey, jiggly, raspberry jam!!!  I was eating restaurant food “like” every other day.  IT WAS HORRIBLE.  Panera, Chiptole, Tacos El Norte, more Chipotle, Pizza… oh my gosh…  carry out… it was the ONLY thing that sounded good.  The only thing I could stomach… even if it was only for an hour.  The was no way in H- I could make the 40 minute trek to my favorite grocery stores for food and with my appetite I ate us out of house and home within days leaving us all staring at carry out menus!  The spicier, the hotter, the better… even more than my normal “gringa” ways. 
 Gross.  I was out of control.  
It’s so weird for me to be on a prescription.  I haven’t taken medicine since 1997.  But there’s a line and that was the whole esophagus thing!!!   I am back on the mend… actually Turbo Jammed yesterday!  WHOOHOO!  I am sorry about the whole lag in the whole Potager series (though some blog booster website the other day said never to apologize to your readers – whatever!  I am sorry!)  There has been a definite lag on PF and I gonna be steppin’ it up here girlies!  Potager post in the works, I just have one more photo to take in the morning.
Thanks for stickin’ with me and P.R. le Quatrieme!