Leave my child behind!

That is my response to the government’s “No Child Left Behind” attitude on everything from their education the the chemicals put in their body!

Last time I checked they are MY CHILDREN which means I WON’T be giving my daughter the HPV vaccination and I won’t be vaccinating my children with the FLU vaccine either – even with the convienience of polling place doctors offices! (Nevermind that I will homeschool them til they come to take me away in handcuffs!)
When Aidan was born the nurse was pretty upset with Joel when he denied giving Aidan the Hepatitis B Vaccine (amongst all the other ones we said no to)- when she asked why not he asked back, “Cause it’s a sexually transmitted disease, isn’t it?”  Does he look sexually active to you?”
Leave it to Joel.
(Thank goodness Amélie was born at home, the worst we are having to deal with is morons that don’t know how to process a S.S. card from a Home Birth.)
Yes, my friends think I am crazy but no, I don’t let my kids play the the Strep infested McDonald’s playland nor do I let them ride in those stupid Barney carts with T.V.’s at Meijers (I have on occasion let Aidan drive the car carts they had at Dominicks before it closed but you should have seen me – I was like a Lysol maniac – it was probably pretty embarrassing.)
Really, I am already dreading the sighs from friends and family when Joel makes me ask, “Is everyone healthy?” before we go to some one’s house this winter.  His neuroses put mine to shame but come on, when your laying there in bed sick as a dog or when you are up all night caring for a sick child doesn’t it just make you want to throttle the person that you caught it from???
I’ve got an idea – since flu season is coming.  If your kids get sick – MAKE THEM STAY HOME. If you are sick – do everyone a favor and DON’T GO TO WORK!  
Consider it your way of shrinking the government and giving the CDC less to micromanage.  Click here for the article that inspired this little rant.