Well, what a difference five days makes. Have I got a story for you…

Firstly, thank you for all your kind words of love and support on my “Closing Thoughts” end of the year post earlier this week. I was touched by your sympathy and understanding.


I suffered from my severe (all day) morning sickness with my first two pregnancies and then with my third, well, by that point I had a new midwife, I found myself complaining to her one day about how horrible I felt and she said, “You know, there IS medication for that.”

WHAT? I was so mad. Not mad at her. But mad that I had suffered so much the first two times and no one had ever told me. (I mean, you’ve never lived till you’ve done your errands with a Target bag tied to the steering wheel so you could yack while you drive.)

I took her up on her kind offer and began taking the generic version of “Zofran”.

For me, little-miss-natural-pants this was a HUGE deal. I had tried everything… the stupid bracelets, ginger, saltines, gluten-free… every remedy that well-meaning people offer, I had tried… to no avail. So peeling back that little wrapper and taking a pharmaceutical was a big, desperate step for me.

Flash forward to the next pregnancies. I TRIED to avoid the Zofran. ‘Til one day my throat actually bled from irritation and I called my now beloved midwife and conceded, yet again.

So I took it for pregnancies three, four and five. Always the least amount I could. Always in desperation.

Well… this is my biggest gap in between pregnancies (a whopping three years). When that old black magic hit again I called my midwife for the “goods” only to be told that my miracle-fix had since been classified as a Class B drug known to cause birth defects (cleft palate, skull and heart).


But, she reassured me that there was something new that I could use. She gave me a sample. I struggled with taking it until one day it was so violent that I saw stars. I conceded yet again…  it took me a few days to ramp up to the full dose…

Nada. Not even a dent in my misery. To add insult to injury I got the flu and within nine hours ended up in the hospital for dehydration. I didn’t even mention that in my sob story the other day!

Well, I thought, “I can’t take something that could hurt my baby. I’m just gonna have to duke this one out.”

And that’s what I’ve been doing since mid-October. But slowly… as I wrote about the other day… slowly losing my mind.

I had my first midwife appointment on Tuesday. I was miserable. Just getting to her office took everything I had. I heard the baby’s strong heartbeat and that brought a momentary smile to my face. My sweet midwife could see my misery and said, “You know Ang… you’re past the birth defect stage in your baby’s development… if you wanted to go on the Zofran…” The thought of relief… I could hardly bear it…  but before I knew it I had to shove past my family and run down the hall to the bathroom. It was NOT pretty.

By that point, Joel and the kids were in the hall and he said, “That’s it.  I’m going back for that prescription.” My hero.

Two hours later I set the first tablet on my tongue to dissolve. Within FIFTEEN MINUTES I felt like myself again. I wept.


All those weeks of misery in a motherly effort to keep my little one safe. But I trust my midwife beyond measure. She is amazing. I have peace now. And a little package of generic Zofran. I’ve only been sick a few times this week, I’ve instead baked a cake for a friend, made 10 quarts of pasta sauce, made a New Year’s Eve meal for my family and enjoyed the company of my kids, I’ve even smiled.

Talk about a New Year, New You.

I know they’ll be more expectant mother stuff to deal with. No one gets out of it Scott-free. (I think my round ligaments are just going to SNAP this time based on how they are already freaking out on me!)

But praise the Lord I can stand upright, eat a meal and I’m not walking around feeling like I want to die.

I’m beginning today, 1/1/16 quiet and very grateful. I can’t really describe it.

Now… let’s get on with life!

Thanks for reading. Angela Parisienne Farmgirl