One Spot, Two Tables, and 3,000 Macarons

Nov 14, 2022 | On Design, On Homemaking, On Motherhood, Parisienne Farmgirl Entertains | 1 comment


Another week to go, and then it’s my FAVORITE Holiday of the year… or maybe it’s Easter… but then, I really do love Christmas…

AH! I can’t decide. The Holidays give this Farmgirl a chance to indulge her Parisienne. Pretty dishes, pretty dresses, pretty desserts, and more. ​

Before I go any further, I must say… the response to last week’s letter/blog post touched me. It seemed to resonate between love for Grammas, love of being a Gramma, and coming to terms with our own again process. Based on the overwhelming response, I’m going to be returning to this topic after the New Year so we can explore it more together. But first –

I’m sharing two past tablescapes I loved creating this week on Youtube. Antique plates and shiny new gold chargers, moss from the garden, fairy lights, brass peacocks, you name it, and I’m using it to create a little table inspiration. Of course, these aren’t REAL table settings, simply some prettiness to get you excited about setting your own table next week.  If you’d like to stay in the Holiday prep mode, make sure you are tuning into the Homemaker Chic Podcast every Monday. We’re doing a special four-week series called Homemaker Holiday!

Last year’s inspo featured in the Holiday 2021 Old World Design Society Magazine


I’ll need to clean my table before I do the real deal table setting for our meal. The girls and I have been baking for 12 hours a day, and we scramble to make three THOUSAND French macarons after accepting a last-minute invitation to participate in a local Christmas market. Apparently, I love a good challenge and need to keep my “butcher, baker, macaron maker” title up to date. As we bake, design our booth, and get packaging in order, the entire family is involved. I’m not quite sure how we will pull it off, but as a family, we would love a few snowmobiles to play with over the long winter, and we decided to work hard, bake like crazy and see if we could raise the money this way. Hard work never hurts anybody, but I’ll confess that my hand is cramping a little as each macaron is hand-piped with a pastry bag.

Speaking of French treats – we unveiled 16 open spots for our Paris flea market trips for next year, and there is ONE spot left! If you want it, it’s yours! Look over all the details here and email me STAT because it’s first come, first serve.  If Paris isn’t your style, why not come and RELAX and my cozy little English Country Cottage here in Door County? Off-season rates, fireplace, acres of solitude, and a good book? Sounds like the perfect getaway to me right now! Deets here, darling.


I’m burning the beeswax candle at both ends this week.  But that’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it, and then next weekend, after the Christmas market, I’m going to put on my plaid jammies, pour a glass of Dry Farm, and watch Christmas Vacation; laughing til the tears stream down my face.  

(Oh – If you’re a fan of the Christmas Vacation one-liners like I am, do tune into to Instgram Stories every day starting on Thanksgiving.  ‘Got a little something for you there:)

Well, that’s about it. I haven’t reached out in a week or so, and I think that puts us pretty current this fine, crisp Monday morning. Make that menu, bake those pies, order that turkey, – you got this!

Post Script:

Some of my lovely followers asked if I was doing discounted magazine gift bundles again this year. Yes, I am! There’s a limited supply. They’ll come gift wrapped and I’m throwing in an extra copy for you!

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  1. Michelle J

    Saying a prayer for your hands and the market sale! I hope it is wildly successful! I did a last minute market last week with my crochet and the whole process was a great experience!


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