Old World Nautical, Yes, You Can

Aug 8, 2023 | On Design, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 6 comments

So often, Nautical style is expressed solely through the aisles of Homegoods or an end cap at Hobby Lobby. Made in China knot art. Achors stamped onto stretched canvas (how many did I just offend??) – but you CAN add touches of Nautical to your home with items that accrue in value and won’t end up on next year’s garage sale pile.

That’s the beauty of ‘old world’ style… Retention, darling:)

We live one mile from Lake Michigan, so I wanted some nods to the water here and there throughout the house, with a touch of a New Orleans vibe. I’ve mixed French antiques with signal flags, yacht bunting, sea shells, and oil paintings, many of which are featured in the conservatory inspired by the French Quarter’s courtyards in New Orleans.
No “Beach Life” signs. No “Welcome Aboard” life preservers:)

OIE. Don’t get me started on ‘signage’ in trendy design schemes. No letter boards here!

There are a lot of spaces I would love to design, but I think it would be fabulous to design a home here on the beautiful Great Lakes for someone that wanted a true “old world nautical’ theme. Yes… that job would be for a client who wanted full-on  #oldworldnautical in a house by the water. Give me all the brass lights, portholes, blue and white fabrics, and more…

Did I ever tell you I once found an old YACHT TOILET on Etsy? Joel shot that down for my “mermaid/Greek gods” bathroom faster than I could say, “Hey, have you ever seen a yacht toi -?”

Nautical themes always make my mind jog over to Marilyn Monroe and that HYSTERICAL scene where she is stuck in a porthole in the movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I laugh OUT LOUD every time I think of it.

And… for those of you following over on Insta, you can see that I’m sharing a LOT MORE of what makes me laugh lately in my daily Stories. It’s like a switch flipped, and I want to add humor to what you find when you visit with me. I try to laugh out loud once a day and thought I better make sure you are doing the same:)

Now, dang it. If I could just get the hubs to agree to that toilet. Not quite a switch, but that lever (said with a British accent like LEE-VER) looks rather epic, and the toilet would be just weird enough that everyone would bloody stay out of “mom’s bathroom.” A magical place where there would always be toilet paper on the toilet paper dispenser, and the cap always gets put back on the toothpaste.

Carry on.

Find a porthole, a chippy oar, or some fabulous brass nautical something or other.

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  1. Nita Hiltner

    Never in my life have I ever wanted a nautical or beach them. Maybe if I lived on a lake or the beach but I live in the semi-desert so it just doesn’t fit. But I have to say I would not love a home decorated in that style whole house, either. Just not into that. I get some magazines that do have homes with a nautical theme, and I just turn the pages. But, I do like the little touches you have done to your home with that theme. Oh, and I HATE signage that everyone is decorating with now. If it’s a farmhouse, you don’t need a sign that says FARMHOUSE.

    • Jez Perez

      Oh Angela…even before you spelled out LEE-VER, I had already read it that way in my head! I certainly was catching what you were laying down…

      And yes…I ABSOLUTELY agree with purchasing the Old World nautical toilet. Creating unique features in your bathroom so you have a ‘Mama-Haven’ where it’s you and the mermaids soaking while sipping on your favorite beverage and listening to Michael Bubleé. Ooh..la, la! Sounds like Sweet serenity to me! Don’t you think..?

      I’m rooting for ya!

  2. Nita Hiltner

    ps-I love these blogs and have missed them.

  3. Joanne Trombley

    I have never seen that movie, but I sure want to now!! I cannot get enough of your moody colours and a surprise around every corner. Just fabulous.

  4. Christine

    Old ship figureheads…real ones…that’s the nautical decor that speaks to me, and I dread to think how much even a beat-up one would cost.

  5. Rebecca Neustel

    It might backfire on you—I can see everyone wanting to use (or at least) see that toilet! I agree about a nautical home done right. It would be a dream place, I think.


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