A publication for individuals who cherish the elements of a bygone era and an online community for those who believe in lived-in spaces, heirloom pieces, and that ‘new is not always better’.

Craving Inspiration?

Velvet sofas, gilded frames, ironstone, hand-sewn linens, vintage books, regal estates, and charming cottages? If words like these are a part of your language, it can be difficult to find your way through a maze of all-white social media feeds. As a part of the Old World Design Society, you’ll have access to rich, inspiring creativity and education and, best of all, you’ll meet friends who speak your language.

As a Society member you will receive…

Seasonal Design Inspiration

Enjoy a seasonal look into Sur le Rocher, Angela’s home in Door County, Wisconsin, to gather inspiration for your own decor and bask in the old world aesthetics.

Creative Projects

Quarterly creative projects to test the limits of your creativity and add little details to your home that make all the difference.  Be a member of the society each quarter for year round creativity.

Exclusive Community

Connect with other Society members, share your treasures, and continue the conversation in an exclusive group setting.

First Access

Be the first to know about and shop Angela’s Private Collection Sales of her curated Old World treasures.

Be a Part of the Society

While enjoying a quarterly publication full of inspiration, you will then feel encouraged and enlivened as you make new, like-minded Old World friends who cherish the same things you do. You will have a chance to test the limits of your own creativity in your space and, if you want, to share your progress with your own stories and photographs in a private group. In the Old World Design Society, you will enjoy a touch of richness, history, and inspiration, not just to create “my look in your home” but to develop your very own, Old World.

About The Curator

In 2005 with a desire to combine her love for rural living and her francophile passions, Angela Reed created the website “Parisienne Farmgirl”. Since then, she has been passionate about developing “joie de vivre”, a joy of living in an old-world inspired atmosphere and lifestyle. She now lives on a 27-acre farm tucked deep in the cozy woods of Door County, Wisconsin. Moments from the sapphire waters of Lake Michigan, she spends her days tending to her potager gardens and caring for her children, and remodeling her home with her husband and six children. Her own personal design challenge involves taking her outdated 1980’s eco-house and transforming it into a “true” Old World farmhouse. It’s her desire to share that journey with other women as they cultivate a rich sense of home together.


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