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OK, another request just came thru (others have come via email and FB) so…
There it is girls.
The belly.  A couple weeks ago.
NO maternity clothes this time around.
They suck.
Instead I went to ROSS (like TJ Maxx) and bought a bunch of XL and size 12/14 dresses to get me thru.  Besides, the last couple weeks I live in my sun hat or baseball cap and bathing suit.  I LOVE this photo of Joel and I.  It had been a LONG time since we had one taken.  And come on!!!  The dress???  It’s so fun with the belly and next year will be just as fun after two rounds of Turbo Fire.  It’s floor length and has just made this prego butt feel great the couple times I have worn it this summer.  (I rarely leave the farm).
Belly is a bit bigger now two weeks later but I have to say – running a farm, farmette, homestead… whatever trendy word you want to use these days does wonders for the expecting figure… weight gain has been about 34 pounds but I feel like for someone who is only 5′ 4″ I am carrying it a bit better this time.  Must be all those Turbo’s last year and all that chicken poop shoveling and planting I guess.  Not to mention wrangling four kids all day and living 12 long miles from my much coveted Culvers chocolate malt with extra malt powder instead of 2 minutes. 
Here is me-n-my smokin’ hot, newly expecting sister-in-law.   SHE looks awesome and I could NOT be happier for her!!!
There you have it.  
The belly.
This weekend as a family we will make the belly cast – the kids always love that.  Someday I am going to hang all five of them from the wall like a work of art.  
It’s amazing that this little one is just inches away from us.  
We are all SO excited.
As of this Saturday I have approval for a homebirth.  I can go anytime after that.  Please pray with us for another successful home birth – it’s very important to me.  I don’t “do” hospitals:) 

Love you girls!
Parisienne Farmgirl