What I 
about Blogland is you girls that will just write me up and ask me just about anything from why I don’t take my kids to the doctor to the paint color formula in my kitchen!  Perhaps it’s the safety in the certain amount of anonymity maintained thru the internet or perhaps it’s the boldness that email allows us!
In the last year or so some have come in inquiring about  my preferred “beauty products.”  So hey,
why not?
I love to go without makeup and it’s not hard to do with three munchkins and no other Mom’s to impress (since I don’t drop them off for school in the morning, if I did… Yikes, I would be wicked competitive).  But every time I take the time to put even just a little makeup on I think, “What is my PROBLEM?  I should do everyone a favor and do this every day!”  I know it’s just a phase of life… and with how sick I have been… looking like death warmed over even more than normal… in fact… the other day I went to a funeral and it was sad in more ways than the obvious cause I felt GREAT!  Full makeup, clean hair, great ensemble… 
Pitiful really.  
The slacker snares of being a stay at home Momma.
I sold cosmetics, BeautiControl, in fact for a LONG time, a long time ago.  I was a maniac, 24 recruited consultants, conventions… I was young though and it was hard to sell their amazing products (most of the anti-aging) to women 15+ years older than me.  Sometimes I think about going back to it…
But in the meantime we all have to be grateful for what we have to work with and find products out there to pick up the slack where needed… I hope I don’t read like I am completely obsessed with my appearance… if I was I would weigh 115 pounds and wouldn’t wear my pyjamas around the house like I love to do, but taking care of yourself can be fun… Here are the products that THRILL me and simply help create a clean, fresh palette (aside from the red lipgloss) and make me feel like I can walk out the front door!
Beauty Elixir is no joke… my sister and I SWEAR we are prettier after just a few squirts. I know I’ve included it in giveaways and probably mentioned it a hundred times on this blog… Based on the recipe used my 17th Century Hungarian queens this is what I use for a Toner/Tonic after washing my face.  ALL Caudalie products are life changing but this is the one I would start with if I were you.  It comes with a hefty price tag but my aunt once told me as a child, “Pain for Beauty.”  She is now 60 and looks fab!
BeautiControl’s Regeneration Gold Eye Cream… in fact, skip the Gold and just go straight to their Platinum one.  Say goodbye to puff, stuff and purple and “Bonjour!” to younger looking eyes.  I have… now don’t laugh... I have been using their eye creams since I was 17 and am happy to say that at 35 I have NO crows feet… straight faced that is… I did just notice them in the last year when I break into a big smile though… bummer… 
suppose you can’t avoid that one.
Someday, when I am done having babies I am gonna go get my face SANDBLASTED!  I have so many dark spots and uneven pigmentation around my forehead, temples and mouth it drives me nuts.  I went to Sephora, on my 35th birthday last year sans makeup last year and said, while making frantic gestures to my melasma ridden face, “Hook me UP!”  And boy did they.  This is tattoo concealer and it ROCKS!  It’s not like spackle… it’s nice and light but it does the trick.  
Hello uniformity!
When I was there they gave me a sample for the at-the-time-new BareMinerals Matte loose powder… I was a smitten kitten and think it will be a long time til something can impress me as much as this foundation has!  
Oh my gosh.  Do I LOVE eyebrows!??? Or, “eyebrowns” as Amélie calls them.  I am crazy for them and could easily be “The Eyebrow Fairy” and just walk around all day, tweezing, waxing and penciling in woman’s brows.  I can not TELL you how many brows I have shaped in the last 15 years.  I am obsessed with the proper shape… really, I could roam the streets like the Eyebrow police.  Maybe I’ll give a tutorial on the blog here someday… I am SO jealous of you girls with thick, afro-brows to work with!  
BUT would you believe, with how obsessed I am and how I think/thought I knew everything, one of those scary-over-made-up ladies at Sephora suggested that mine were coming down too far on the outsides, thus making my face droop down?  Darned if she wasn’t right.  It was like an instant face lift!  Now I am even more dangerous, and with this Anastasia pencil… this pencil ROCKS, I just converted someone else last month.  And I used to be a die-hard brown eyeshadow user!  This pencil draws “like” real hairs or just fills in.  It doesn’t smudge, the colors she offers are perfect, real hair colors, not those bizarre colors that some brow pencils are.   Really, I know I overuse the word “love” but I LOVE this pencil, and after using it, sigh a sincere, 
“That’s better.”
Silly, I know.
While we are on the eyes… I have two words for you:
I like to wear LOTS of mascara, and this one is amazing!  It builds your lashes for REAL! This mascara makes your lashes so long it’s scary and you can work it into the base of your lashes to get that thick look too.  For someone who does like a lot of mascara this one is nice because I can put on a bunch of coats and it still slides right off when I wash my face at night.  (If you are a light mascara user you will get long, individual, natural looking lashes with Fiber Wig)   Follow up with an eyelash conditioner for the evening – they are wonderful.
I suppose you could say all blushes are created equal… but then, along came Cargo’s Blue-Ray line.  Supposedly made for high-def T.V. this blush is not too pigment heavy making it easy to add more instead of trying to blend out a disaster, it’s very luminescent and the colors are youthful and natural.  

You already know my obsession with my “signature reds”….

Here’s my cheap little secret.  Available at Target for FOUR BUCKS!  Lippin Large is a WONDERFUL everyday lipgloss, I believe the name of the color I like is Toffee Kiss, unless that’s the brownest one of the bunch… whatever one it is (it’s worn off my tube) the one I use is the most neutral… not pink, not brown, just right in the middle.  It totally brightens your face and is killer if you have just used your Crest White Strips!
Oh- that was too fun… I could get totally carried away and start posting eye shadow techniques and all sorts of craziness but I think you can find most of that stuff on Youtube.   
After 7 minutes with the products listed above…
“I’m ready for my close up.”
What products get your ready for YOURS??