I can not wait.
Soon we will be visiting friends who live “off grid”.  
What’s “off grid”?
Truth be told I had never heard the expression before our friends went on this adventure.
Well, I suppose there are many forms, many “looks”… the ultra green family decked in hemp clothing, their home tricked out in solar panels and vermacomposting… the “screw the government” Hillbilly in Appalachia with the shotgun mounted over his front door… but our friends, to simply explain it, are not Amish but live as the Amish do, among the Amish on a full blown, working farm.  (BTW, No tractors, just Belgium horses and a plow!)
We have read the “Little House” series twice in this house and I am so excited for my kids to see what it’s like in real life.  Never mind that though we don’t know these friends “really” well, we think they are grand and can not wait to spend some time with them.
Can you imagine pumping your water?
Washing your clothes in a wringer washer? (6 kids!!!!)
Canning everything for the winter?
Cutting ice for your ice house?
No “white noise” machines for your babies?
Cutting wood to keep your house warm?

Maybe not.

But I bet you can imagine this….

A Rooster crowing to call you to the day instead of the radio broadcasting the latest murder or traffic report.
Children growing up free from Eminem, Paris Hilton and Bratz dolls.
A family working side by side… and dining side by side over the fruits of their labor.
Quiet, peaceful, lazy country evenings with no phone or internet to interupt your thoughts.
Kids, their sponge-like brains being used to their full potential, learning planting and harvest, animal husbandry, butchering… more than you would expect any 9 year old to care about.
Family church, where Dad/Husband truly leads his family towards the Cross.

I can’t wait.

Our time with them will be short but my ?’s are plenty.

What prompted this radical change?
Concern for our country or disgust with our culture?
How do you fulfill the “great commission” when so much of your life is home centered?
Do you ever just dream of basking on the beaches of St. Martin instead of working so hard?

I can’t wait.

When I tell other friends about these friends the first look that comes across their face isn’t “their off grid” it’s “their off their rocker” but I can assure you they are not.  Au contraire… they are “normal” people, and if you care about “coolness” yes, they are cool as all get out!!

How much of our modern technology shapes who we are?
How much of it shapes our thoughts and actions during the day?
Who would you be without your cell phone, your light switch… what kind of conversations would you have without Fox News, Netflix and your computer?

I know I won’t find out completely during our short visit…

But did I mention I can’t wait????

Full account and photographs to follow the MOMENT we get back “on grid.”