Off the Grid.

Sep 29, 2010 | Uncategorized | 17 comments

I can not wait.
Soon we will be visiting friends who live “off grid”.  
What’s “off grid”?
Truth be told I had never heard the expression before our friends went on this adventure.
Well, I suppose there are many forms, many “looks”… the ultra green family decked in hemp clothing, their home tricked out in solar panels and vermacomposting… the “screw the government” Hillbilly in Appalachia with the shotgun mounted over his front door… but our friends, to simply explain it, are not Amish but live as the Amish do, among the Amish on a full blown, working farm.  (BTW, No tractors, just Belgium horses and a plow!)
We have read the “Little House” series twice in this house and I am so excited for my kids to see what it’s like in real life.  Never mind that though we don’t know these friends “really” well, we think they are grand and can not wait to spend some time with them.
Can you imagine pumping your water?
Washing your clothes in a wringer washer? (6 kids!!!!)
Canning everything for the winter?
Cutting ice for your ice house?
No “white noise” machines for your babies?
Cutting wood to keep your house warm?

Maybe not.

But I bet you can imagine this….

A Rooster crowing to call you to the day instead of the radio broadcasting the latest murder or traffic report.
Children growing up free from Eminem, Paris Hilton and Bratz dolls.
A family working side by side… and dining side by side over the fruits of their labor.
Quiet, peaceful, lazy country evenings with no phone or internet to interupt your thoughts.
Kids, their sponge-like brains being used to their full potential, learning planting and harvest, animal husbandry, butchering… more than you would expect any 9 year old to care about.
Family church, where Dad/Husband truly leads his family towards the Cross.

I can’t wait.

Our time with them will be short but my ?’s are plenty.

What prompted this radical change?
Concern for our country or disgust with our culture?
How do you fulfill the “great commission” when so much of your life is home centered?
Do you ever just dream of basking on the beaches of St. Martin instead of working so hard?

I can’t wait.

When I tell other friends about these friends the first look that comes across their face isn’t “their off grid” it’s “their off their rocker” but I can assure you they are not.  Au contraire… they are “normal” people, and if you care about “coolness” yes, they are cool as all get out!!

How much of our modern technology shapes who we are?
How much of it shapes our thoughts and actions during the day?
Who would you be without your cell phone, your light switch… what kind of conversations would you have without Fox News, Netflix and your computer?

I know I won’t find out completely during our short visit…

But did I mention I can’t wait????

Full account and photographs to follow the MOMENT we get back “on grid.”


  1. Amy Kinser

    I cannot wait to hear more! I am so intrigued and excited for you. Learn all you can and please share…

  2. Ann at eightacresofeden

    I think I know who you are going to visit. When we are rich and can afford to do the big trip across the States I hope to go and stay where I think you are staying so please say hi from me. We’ve been in touch and they have seen the pics of our ‘swimming pool’ that I sent you. I know that’s weird seeing we have never met and I live on the other side of the world but there are benefits to technology – learning about the journeys of others and being inspired by creative people like yourself who love their Lord are two things that spring to mind! I am so full of admiration for this family. They are reaping the blessings of a life lived out of obedience to God and they share their home and their talents with people. And you are so right about this life. I don’t like Eminem or his music, my girls do not have Bratz dolls and my teens don’t approve of Paris Hilton but they know who she is, they know who Eminem is – sometimes I wish they didn’t. Don’t they say ignorance is bliss! I long for a blissful life – there are way too many distractions when you are on the grid.
    Have a wonderful time – can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. Tina Leigh

    Sounds like a pretty good life to me….I live a lot of that already and I know I am blessed for it. Have fun…cant wait to hear about it all.

  4. Anne Marie

    i know you will have…take lots of pictures!

    sounds great right now living off grid if you ask me (lol)

  5. Alice

    This really sounds interesting, and I can’t wait to hear all the details about your visit.

    Some days I wish we lived a simpler life, getting back to the basics, honoring God in all we do, leaving the smut and violence behind us, laboring in our own fields. Then I remember I’m a ‘weenie’ when it comes to actual physical work other than keeping the house, yard, and car clean. I’m fair complected and have absolutely no muscles, and no stamina for hard labor. I admire people who can go ‘off the grid’ as you say. Instead, our family attends church, prays, and eliminates the nasty stuff as much as we are able.

    I have lots of questions about this family, but I really want to know how old the kids were when they went off the grid, and how they handled the situation.

    Enjoy your time with this family!

  6. A Tale of Two Cities

    What an awesome experience for you and your family. I’ll be looking forward to an update–I’m sure it will be fascinating.



    I, too, will be waiting to hear the after-the-visit story. I watched a show on NatGeo yesterday about life without oil. My my my, how many things we would give up, including green space needed to grow food for 1 person per year = 1football field. xx’s

  8. Tamra

    You are going to have such a good time and I can’t wait for the details.

    Recently we had a small fire a hundred yards down the road from our home and it took out a power pole. We were without power until 3:00 am. When it got dark, my husband and I took some wine outside and sat in the blissful darkness sipping our wine enjoying the quiet. We live 7 miles from town so it can get really dark. Even out in the country it is amazing how much white noise there is, really too much.

    I have a rooster, I love to can from my garden and for years I relied on a wood stove heat. I love rural life but for me it has to be balanced with a little modern day.

  9. Deanna

    Hope you’ll tell all. Very brave and courageous people
    with a wide creative streak would live off the grid.
    Not sure I could do this.

    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  10. tina

    I am so jealous right now.
    But I DO hope that you have a good time and I DO want all the wonderful details posted with pics please 🙂
    (I have an attitude today, blame it on the stitiches on my foot!)


  11. Teresa

    Now I’m curious, not Amish?….sounds so much like it.
    Ah, life would be grand if we could all live like Laura and Mary Ingalls. It would definitely be appreciated at alot slower pace.
    This sounds interesting….

  12. Pamela

    I have always been fascinated by the Amish and then read all of Beverly Lewis novels based on Amish life. What an eye opener to their lives. They stil face hardships in raising teens and keeping them from the worlds pleasures.
    ALot of this sounds lovely and romantic but alot of hardship must be had at this life style.
    I could not be able to handle the “butchering!”
    My hats off to these people for taking on the Off the grid lifestyle.

  13. Renata

    You’re going to have a wonderful time at Maple Valley Farms!! Looking forward to your pictures! I so admire what they are doing & would love to visit them also (even though I live across the world, so it’s probably more a dream!)
    Have a great time!

  14. SK

    I think you will have fun! Don’t forget–the grass is always greener, lol–that lifestyle has it’s own pros and cons. I think we are blessed that we live in a time where we can balance the best of both worlds~I’ll hang my laundry and grow/can my fruit, and still flush my indoor plumbing, lol! 😉

  15. Valerie

    I too cannot wait for your follow-up post! I had a boyfriend, in college, who grew up among the Mennonites. And although his family did not practice the religion, they too lived fairly simple lives.

    Not a huge technology-user (as evidenced by my poor blog…I don’t have texting capability on my phone and I constantly argue with my husband over the need for a GPS…I don’t use one…he plugs it in to drive to CHURCH…for heaven’s sake! LOL), BUT, I sure do love my washing machine for dirty diapers, baby clothes, etc.!

    Hope all is well and congrats on that weight loss! I really need to begin exercising again. I lost 30 since delivery, but I’ve been at a stand-still since about 6-weeks! ugh!

    Take care,

  16. Rachel

    Yes, please share your findings! I’m curious how they answer those questions, particularily about the great commission, etc.


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