The Off-Grid Family, Why They Inspire Me

Oct 26, 2011 | Uncategorized | 11 comments

When I first met Ang four years ago it was a big deal for me.  We had WAY too much in common and our phone calls were always animated and interesting.  (We met cause of Blogland and a mutual friend.)  But I was arrested in the impact her children made on me.  At the time Aidan was so little and I was slowly but surely warming up to the idea of Homeschooling… we were almost completely weaned off television by that point… I was about two years into my journey of, I suppose, some would say, “being weird” – in that I found myself more conservative with every sunrise, more ready to learn to honor and serve my husband, my desire (because Aidan was quickly getting older) to protect my children from the outside world was getting sharper and more articulate…  I began blogging six years ago when he was four months old, you can probably chart my “progress” from my first blog post…
But anyways… when I met Homemaker Ang’s children, in particular her eldest girls, I was bowled over.  I will NEVER forget the impact they made on Joel and I.  For the first time IN MY LIFE I encountered teenagers without a gigantic CHIP on their shoulder, teenagers that were innocent and not ONE BIT dorky but on the contrary; very cool!… Teenagers that had skills, teenagers that thought the other, boy crazy girls were rather ridiculous… they even called them “Totally” girls in slight mockery of the way the typical teen girl talks…
It gave me hope that this way of parenting that some people would call “different” (I call it “intentional”) can actually have a pleasant end result… that not all teens rebel… that a home can be loving and not ravaged by the teen years…
Anyways… sorry, I am prattling… but check out this clip from todays show…
I love you girls!  Keep on this path!  God’s blessing is surely upon you!
PS:  Sadly thru talk radio osmosis and magazine covers in the checkout lanes I know who the Kardashians are but I have no idea why they are famous.  I am assuming it’s the mass amount of exposed curves?  I think they have a reality show or something right?


  1. Rosemary@villabarnes

    The Off-Grid Family are quite refreshing. The K Family are famous because, a large portion of our society have made the choice to pay attention to them.

  2. Kate

    Sadly, the K’s are famous because the most famous daughter had a homemade porn that was released. Yeah, exactly who we want our daughters to emulate, right? No.

    I love that these kids seem to be more innocent. I’d really love to see the whole segment, but with no t.v. not sure how to hunt that down!

  3. RobinfromCA

    I’m confused about the K sisters too but they seem to be on those tabloids a lot.

    When we were raising our daughter we were one of those “weird” families because we didn’t allow video games or “R” rated movies in our home, TV time was limited and monitored and we – gasp! – home schooled when it was controversial. Now she is a mother and doesn’t have a TV at all in her home and has already decided that home schooling is the only way to go. Our niece is doing the same thing. I salute you all!

  4. Lylah Ledner

    That’s awesome Angela….xoxo lylah

  5. Valerie

    I loved the Anderson segment yesterday and loved that the girls/kids didn’t know who the Kardashians are!

    I too didn’t know who the Kardashian sisters were…or why there even famous. It wasn’t until my husband explained that these three women are the daughter of Robert Kardashian, friend of and legal assistnat to the OJ Simpson trial. This makes me like the family even less.

    Their mother is Kris Jenner…married to Bruce Jenner. You might be too young to remember this, but he is an American gold medal winner from the 1976 Summer Olympics. I still remember Bruce Jenner’s face on our Wheaties cereal box…I don’t even know if they make Wheaties anymore!!!

    So, why are the three sisters so famous… (Well, I have some idea…but it’s not polite conversation!)

    Hope you’re doing well!

  6. Amish Stories

    I was just passing by and thought id stop to say hello. I’m checking new blogs today, and i hope you folks are enjoying the fall weather like we are having here in Pennsylvania. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon county.

  7. Mandy

    so refreshing! we’ll all be ‘weird’ together. God forbid we want to protect our littles and lead them to a higher calling than keeping up with tasteless trash…still not sure where those girls came from either…

  8. Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima


    I always find great inspiration here, thank you!

    And you know…from my first son birth I have discovered a more conservative and traditional me, too.


  9. hannah.

    Kim Kardashian…the one in the red…is famous for making a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend (she is now married), posing for Playboy, and being a Carl’s Jr. girl. The rest of the family is just long for the ride…except Bruce Jenner, the father, who was apparently an Olympic medalist? This may have been before I was born?

    I can’t even begin to tell you how commendable I think it is that you guys don’t watch TV. When I see the crap that is airing these days, it scares the “you know what” out of me for when my babies get older…

  10. Kims DOVE Chocolate Parties

    That is great you and your family do not watch tv…I wish I could get our girls watching less. How did you wean them from it?

    I am homeschooling as well, only two, not four…wow! Congrats!!!

  11. Jeanna

    I love Ang and her family. I spend much time on her blog. I found it long before they moved off grid and have read their journey since the start.
    As far as the Kardashins (not sure that is spelled right) I think the only reason they ever got attention is because their mother married Bruce Jenner.

    P.S. I truly love your blog also.


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