I worked out in our little basement gym this morning, we have a little TV down there. Working out in a dingy old canning celler is too boring with out some mindless chatter to distract me from that bicep burn. We don’t have cable so I can’t enjoy design shows on HGTV so I turned on “The View.”

Within moments I was yelling at the television.

Its a scary moment when someone can come along and make Joy look like less than a raging liberal. Someone has got to STOP Rosie O’Dumbell. She and her big fat yapper are out of control. (And by “stop” I mean please banish her from television!) Everytime she opens her mouth she has this magical ability to sum up what is wrong with this world.

Last week she said, “Radical Christianity is as dangerous to America as radical Islam.” And yes, I was working out that day too and I DID here the context in which she said it. There was no way to mistake it! Its very obvious – Christianity, Christ says her lifestyle is an ABOMINATION. What’s she gonna do, defend Christianity?

THIS morning, upon the discussion of the Pope and his comments last week about Islam all she could do was defend a religion that would have her killed immediatly based upon her lifestyle. In response to the Pope comments (which were some of the best made lately) Muslims have been burning churches, shooting guns in the air…they even killed a nun in Somalia over the weekend because of these comments and STILL people like Rosie, Joy and Barbara will only defend this “faith” and give it the benefit of the doubt. I could go on and on about the pandering to Islam that took place during the 12 minutes of the show that I watched. It was unreal. Poor Elizabeth, (the “conservative”) they would not even let her speak.

Go ahead. Pander away Barbara, Rosie and Joy… What you don’t realize is they will come after you someday if their agenda is carried out. “If Allah wills it.”
First they will kill the Jews, but deep down, you won’t care. They have “caused” so many problems around the world over the millenia, perhaps deep down you feel the world would be easier without them.
Then they will kill the Hindus, and you won’t care then either…after all, they are “weird” and you never understood them anyways. Life will stil be OK for you though, you will still have cable, and a big house…perhaps you will throw a little money at Katrina now and again.
The Christians will be next, but goodness, they are such a pain in the ass, always trying to shove their morals down your throat, always trying to bring God into everything, mixing church and state. Without the Christians to make you feel guilty you can REALLY go about life as you please.
Hmmm, who would be next, you? No, First, (much to Rosies shock) they will come after the homosexuals. They will be killed without thought. They will show Rosie no pandering loyalty like she shows them. I think that leaves just about everyone else..The secularists. The ones who denounced God because you didn’t like His ways, His rules, His timing in your life. You believed education and reason would enlighten you and Judeo-Christian religion would hold you back…keep you from a truly, fullfilling life but who will be there to pray for you, to defend you, to call evil what is is…EVIL when everyone is gone?

What kind of a “View” will you have then? Perhaps one from underneath a black veil?