Lately my mind has been pondering France.  Wow, you say, what’s new. 

 I’m usually not sitting around dreaming of people watching at a café all afternoon.  I am usually trying to figure out why I would love a culture so much when so much of what it believes is contrary to my own belief.  I often think of the small group of Evangelical Christians in France (about 15,000), I think about the HillSongs church in Paris wondering how it’s doing, about the Church in Nice that I heard about on Moody last year.   I think about being a Missionary to France – I know that sounds weird but I have a hard time believing this love for France is something that I came up with on my own.  Surely God has his hand in it somewhere.  I think about how inept I would be at sharing Jesus with a culture so hardened to the word of God after years of “Enlightened Philosophy”, let alone that once I am out of the present tense or “passé composé” I have to think three minutes before composing a sensical thought…

Anyways, all that to say that the spiritual state of France has been weighing on my heart in the last few days.  This morning I found some time for the internet (obvious with the post below) and I decided to click on  some of my own links way down on my sidebar.  “Top Chretian” being one of them.  Et Voila!  I found a movement gearing up right now in France and from what I could understand it is a prayer movement praying for the people and churches of France, for the identity and culture of France but most of all for repentance and revival in the country.  WOW.  I’m in.  They are asking for those around the world to intercede with them, there is even a prayer book and CD.  
I am so glad I found this, here is the link (au francais) so, if you call Jesus your Lord and if you call yourself a Fancophile will you join with me in praying for this beautiful, fascinating country and it’s people?