Is that how you would say it…or is it “Nous avons faire du camping.”? Run Around may be my only help.

We have been back and settled in for a full day now and after breakfast on the patio and a promenade as soon as this entry is complete we will have settled back into notre vie normal.

Since he was about 4 months old and snuggling in bed with us I have pulled the covers over Aidan’s head and said, “We’re camping!” and then after removing them exclaim, “We’re not camping.” He is so familiar with this expression that by the time the tent was up and we walked inside I think he was really putting two and two together. He had a riot!
We put a tarp down on the ground and one of those big octagon things and he was content to play in there as long as he could see the fire and the old fashioned colored Christmas lights that I very ceremoniously string from tree to tree the moment our truck pulls into the campsite.
I polished off Carol Drinkwater’s “The Olive Farm” (A story of a couple who buys an abandond olive farm just outside of Nice!) in front of the fire, during morning naps and then it was off to the beach. The big lake, Lake Michigan.
Something crazy happens to me when I get within miles of that lake. I freak out…in a still sort calm of way. I breathe deeper, my craving for nature increases, I fantasize about living in a crusty old lake house with dirty moss covered brick sidewalks and waves that lull me to sleep. I LOVE Lake Michigan!
62 degrees this year. Warm enough to run in and rinse off but too cold for baby cakes (even though he did not think so). He made his way up and down the dunes, up and down the beach and we happily or not so happily chased after him. Our first year not being able to lay down a king size sheet and pass out for the afternoon. He wore us out. And himself. After his first day in the sun and sand I had to keep him from falling asleep in the shower with me!
I needed the break that not having a washer and dryer at your disposal can bring and for 4 days I perfected the art of doing nothing. (Something that is very hard for me to do a chez moi!) Day after day of ripening clothes and sleeping with only a thin piece of material separating you from the outdoors is good for the soul.
This was our family vacation, these four days of camping and they were mighty fine.