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Hot off the press! A Hoax??? The Jolie births a hoax and thus no uber-famous people naming their bundle of joy after MY bundle of joy???

If this is true, two things:

#1 How pathetic to be SO famous that people would make up a story about your birth with baby names and all



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  1. HomemakerAng

    Actually Ang, the other other Ang (Brangelina) called me yesterday as we are tight ya know. And she was asking me for hot new baby girl names and I just couldn’t keep quiet and all. She wanted an “A” name and seeing that the best A name is taken by herself, myself and yourself, it was just a natural that your daughter’s name would fit! She just gushed over it and during her contractions and talking to me on the phone she came to the conclusion that this would be a great name for her daughter. By the way, I went over the proper pronunciation of the name with her and she is all hip with it!

    She has stayed here on the farm with us too. Although, I didn’t let her sleep in my bed like special guests get to, I put her in my son’s room with all the deer and animal heads! I hadn’t heard much from her since then until she went into labor and needed a baby name and my support during her contractions. She has gained a grand total of 7 lbs. with the twins and she is working hard already to loose it this morning after her C-Section.

    Brad just flew in from the congo doing a shoot for the new Bic Razor and he is just thrilled with his new girls. I am just so happy for them!


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