No Collections Today…

Mar 31, 2010 | Views into my Day | 6 comments

Company tomorrow, company Friday, visiting family Saturday, hosting Easter Sunday, Nada Farm Sale Planning Meeting Tuesday…did I mention I need a manicure???
Now you have a week to get your Collective Collectors post ready for next Wednesday…
                                               …See you Good Friday!


  1. myletterstoemily

    yikes! same here. houseful last
    weekend and this weekend.

    but sooooooo much fun!


  2. cityfarmer

    whoa nelly … if anyone can pull that off you can ….
    Gail used to say, run the sweeper, wipe down the pot and light some candles!

  3. myletterstoemily

    sorry to bug you again, but my husband
    just told me we are staying at the hotel
    lutetia on the left bank of paris.

    i wondered if you knew anything about
    it or the surrounding neighborhood.


  4. Victoria

    Sorry we can’t make it. I’m sure it will be lovely, though. I didn’t even know you were hosting until I read this post.

    Have a blessed resurrection Sunday with everyone.

  5. Bonjour Madame

    The reward of a clean home is worth it. I’m going to do some cleaning and organizing tonight and tomorrow. Is there something wrong with me that I actually enjoy this?

    I hope you have a very Happy Easter with your family!


  6. Molly @ Star Cottage

    Hope you had a lovely easter. You and Anne Marie are a team to be reconned with 😉 Such creativity and spirit. I can’t wait to read the posts and see the pics from the the Farm Sale.


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