Ok- I am going to attempt this blog without sounding like a prima donna but you all have been asking how it went…

Thank goodness it is over – after months of practicing in the kitchen, the office, the shower, the basement, warming up, scaling down, ordering music, dreaming of “the perfect outfit” – the concert at Fountain Park is over. Fifteen songs with hundreds and hundreds of words, an adorable set (if I do say so myself) design by Moi and built by Joel…well, now I can breathe again.

I sang:
Lovin all Night
When I Think about Cheatin’
Real Fine Place to Start
He Outta Know that by Know
Come to Jesus
I Fall to Pieces
Suds in the Bucket
With a Broken Wing
Black Coffee
There Will Come a Day
Two Highways

It went pretty good, we had some little technical difficulties during one song and the fans onstage completely dried my throat out but I suppose that is a good experience. I had to keep my “performance face” as much as I could but inside I was panicking, I had never had my throat so dry – I wanted to just end it right there but you will pardon my cliche as I say “the show must go on” and I learned that it is possible to sing thru a dry throat (unless of course you are trying to sing a low F in “I Fall to Pieces” 🙂
I had fun, I still am not completely comfortable with dancing around – I feel like a dork sometimes but the feedback was good so I will wait to make changes in my “pressence” ’til I see the video.
It was a good experience, and finally at 31 I have learned to take someone elses song and sing it like it is my own. When I was younger I did a lot of vocal immitating but now I really do think I have my own style. For once I am pleased with myself.
Aunt Ruth said we need to drive down to Nashville, countless suggested American Idol (I am too old and NO THANKS!) and someone came up and asked if I could perform for their “camping group” – I gave him my number. I hope they call.
I think now after eleven years of marriage Joel see how much this means to me and how a part of me is deffinately dying by not performing consistantly. I have the green light to find or join a band. Yee-haw.
My grattitude to those of you who drove hundreds of miles to spend time together and watch the show is indescribable. And Joel said, I said this too many times during the concert but, “Thank you, Thank you so much.”