Consider this one of those crazy, 4 a.m. early bird specials…
No, not really. Don’t want to be pushy about my store so please forgive – I am just a little excited about this whole Etsy thing and wanted to share with you what I did today. These goodies should be “on the shelves” by tomorrow evening. Even if they just sit there – it’s been feeling pretty good to get some creativity out of my system between the Christmas decorating, Sweet Thing’s birthday dress challenge (posts coming on each) and this silly little online store …

Two of the three stretched canvas Marie Antoinette creations. I don’t know how I will part with the big one!

And in the “Bain par Main” department tomorrow I will be adding Shea Butter with Organic Clove Oil to the soap inventory. Oh my, very Christmasy. I also made Lemongrass Sugar Scrub (Oh my goodness!) and Brown Sugar scrub with Almond Oil, Clove Oil, Vanilla and…teeny, tiny gold glitter.
I could not resist!
I could hardly sleep last night the idea steam was pouring from my ears. For all you lovely ladies who ordered soap in the last week, it shipped today. I wanted to make a new batch of the bar that everyone ordered. It came out perfect and will be worth your wait.

Now, tomorrow I really need to fold that mountain of laundry in the guest bedroom and stay far away from giant chunks of glycerin and anything that resembles a paint brush…
Ya right.
BTW – If I have not mentioned it in awhile, for someone who’s brian never quits, this blog is such a special outlet for me and you lovely ladies who read & comment … well, it may sound silly but it really warms my heart.
Merci a vous.