Perhaps in this “celebrity” culture it’s an antiquated word.
But make no mistake, our children find hero’s.
Either fictional or real.
On their own, or with our help.
My childhood/adulthood hero was Princess Diana.
My Mom introduced me to her, and ironically,
 I introduced myself to her, face to face, many years later.
I think Moms, in particular, Christian Moms have a great responsibility when it comes to who we let into our homes to become admired by our children.
We can exercise this responsibility by exercising control.
I know, even Christian Moms bristle at the thought of controling our children.
In so many ways, that is just plain ridiculous.
Another pervading influence of our culture into our parenting.
Either we control
someone else will.

In our home, our biggest step we have taken to “control” outside influences is to raise the kids without television and to home school them.
Friends and family have expressed concern over us “sheltering” them.
Your darn right.
If I don’t shelter them, if I don’t decide what ideas, what beliefs and who is introduced to them at what age… then someone else will.
I’m not stupid.
It’s not a matter of “if.”
It’s a matter of “when” and that “when” is MY JOB.
God made me their Mom.
Call it control, call it authority, call it crazy.
It’s a subject that needs to be re-visited in Christian parenting.

So, no.
They don’t know what divorce is yet.
They don’t know anything about Jane having two Mommies yet.
They don’t know who Spongebob is.
 Or Oprah.
Or even Harry Potter.
 Or, heaven help me, Justin Bieber or whatever his name is.
(I wouldn’t know him if he rang my front door right now!)

To the best of my ability, introduction to this culture
is going to happen on MY timeline.

Amélie is still pretty young (3 1/2) and so it’s pretty simple with her.
We watched the wedding together and I can say funny things like, “Princess Catherine doesn’t pick her nose.” but Aidan, my little Man Cub is ready for more.

Jesus should be his number one Hero.
No one else has offered him Grace.
No one else has died for him.
Though his Daddy would, and I know Aidan looks up to
his Dad in a way I don’t think Joel quite realizes.
Aidan idolizes his Daddy.

The other day, the week it rained all week, I decided to “introduce” Aidan to a new hero.
Someone Joel and I, with our limited knowledge of him greatly admire.

Bear Grylls.
(Of Man vs Wild fame).

Before we nixed T.V. around here, Joel and I lived for Friday
 nights with Bear and Man VS Wild.  I LOVE that show!!!

After five minutes Aidan was hooked.
His mouth was hanging open and he was on the edge of his seat.
He watched quite a few episodes that week (sketching out what he was watching!  So cute!)  and since then and he can tell you all the different ways to make a fire, how to filter swamp water, where to find grubs, how to prevent dehydration…  He just flipped out.  Last night we grilled and he insisted we start the grill by making a friction fire – after five minutes we got out a match!

Aidan is like me, in that he dives head first into stuff.  Including admiration.  So I thought I better do a little research into Bear’s personal life (British Special Forces, broken back, fought to walk again, youngest Brit to climb Everest…), in case Aidan ever asked me about him.  (He ALWAYS wants to know if people he meets from our neighbors to new friends love God.)

I hopped online and…
sure enough.  My suspicions were correct!
I always had a feeling about the guy.
Bear Grylls is a Christian!
Not just a celebrity who says, “I believe in God.” but from what it seems,
 a REAL believing, gospel sharing Christian.
 I was elated!

So, if you are a believing Mom and looking for a “safe” hero
to introduce to your son may I suggest Bear Grylls.
Man VS Wild is on the Discovery Channel or all
 over the internet which is how we watch it.
It’s safe, (for the most part) it’s clean.
And it will capture the imagination of your little boy.

Bon Weekend.
Delicious recipes coming up on Parisienne Farmgirl…
Stay tuned!