New Feature Alert! Domestic Goddess Tips!

Aug 21, 2007 | A Well Kept Home | 3 comments

Domestic Goddess Tip #1

This may seem a stragne one to start with but I tried it last week and it seemed to work well on my kitchen counter, let alone if one was to store them properly in a root cellar for the winter. The tip then is this, dip the stems of your pears in wax to help preserve them. Nothing is worse than a rock hard pear one day and one that is soggy and covered in fruit flies the next.


  1. Julee Ann

    I’ve started posting “the wedding blog” over at Write Of Passage. My Wi-Fi isn’t strong enough for pictures but they will follow soon.

  2. kate

    Thanks for the tip – I’ve never heard of doing this. I shall try it though, since I’ve just had the experience with soggy pears and resulting fruit flies.

  3. Janette

    I have seen them sold like that at the market near my I know why!


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