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(I have not lost my mind, I am working on the Bedroom Post little by little!!! And you might want to hit mute after you hear the car zoom by a few times, could get a little buggy while you are trying to read! )

Move over NASCAR Dad’s. Yesterday this Momma and her boy went on a NASCAR adventure.

I got it in my head last week that I needed to do something really special with Aidan to make up for how worthless I have been in the last couple months. (On account of the first trimester ugh’s) I have been waiting for him to be old enough to go to the racetrack with us and so I got it into my head that Aidan and I should go to watch the Qualifying (time trials) for this weekends race. Everyone I told was “like” – “You want to do WHAT?” This was a bigger deal than it sounds. Qualifying was at 7pm and we live 100 miles from the track. The normal route to the track is typically one of the most brutal, horrible Chicagoland traffic routes so I mapped us out a all country road route, loaded the camera,video camera, a water bottle and some butt cushions and waited anxiously for Aidan to wake us from his afternoon nap. I had not told him about our adventure lest I be too tired and have to disappoint him.

When he woke up from his nap I presented the idea to him as unbiased as I could so he could make his own decsision. He is smart enough to think that maybe he would want to have his Dad around for something like this so I tried to ask him very simply without much enthusiasm so he could really process it. The conversation went something like this after he stumbled into my room after his nap-

“Aidan, would you like to go to the big racetrack and watch Junior practice for the race?” and without missing a beat he said, “Are you kidding?” “No babe, I am not. It is very far away and it will be a very long drive but if you want to we can go on a date to see Junior together.” He said, “Let’s go NOW!” and twenty five minutes later after my sister arrived to watch Amélie we were off. As we pulled out of town he said, “I just love these Mom and Aidan dates.”

Two hours and 100 miles later we pulled into the Chicagoland Speedway field to park and I rolled down the windows so Aidan could hear the cars. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!!as as they went around the track.

We had to park clear out on the permimeter and walk the huge field to the track. Aidan was SQEALING with delight as we ran (me laden with a huge water bottle, full backpack and two bleacher cushions) sweat dripping down my boobs!!! I was a mess by the time with reached the monster sized stadium. Aidan was frantic with wanting to get inside so we called Dad screaming over the noise that we had safely made it and were on our way to sit down. Aidan is so brave and comfortable in new situations. I was so proud of him, he threw those headphones on, climbed to a row of seats and sat down to observe like a pro.

What a riot. Sadly, since it’s a night race this weekend the practice times are different than they used to be and the Busch series cars were practicing before Sprint Cup Qualifying so we only saw Junior go around twice when he qualified at 181 miles an hour. Aidan didn’t notice though and shuddered with amazement every time a car came screaming down the front straightaway. When I said it was time to go two and a half hours later he was such a trooper, he stood up, let me take one for picture of him with his precious track guide and we walked all the way back out to our car.

He jibber jabbered the ENTIRE way there and 3/4’s of the way back‘til he finally passed out at 10:25, 30 minutes from home!

This morning he is still carrying around my earplugs and the little track guide that he was given. In fact, he kept it on his bedside last night. It was a wonderful time. I am exhausted and have been sick all morning on account of being so tired but I suppose that is what I get for doing something so crazy – 200 miles in 7 hours!!! ” Just think, if we could “drive fast like Ju” as Aidan says we could have done it a half an hour there and a half an hour back!” But we are full of memories and I am sure when I am 65 my heart will be warmed when I think of yet another memory with my firstborn dearest NASCAR baby!!!! Wait til you see these photos!

“It was so fun. The race track was so cool with the cars going around it. I like the chairs really good. I liked having a date with Mom. I like just, I like going home.”
-Aidan’s words when I asked him about last night.


  1. Bonjour Madame

    Cute overload! Love the pics and the memories you shared. And by the way, you are positively glowing!

  2. cityfarmer

    he is as cute as can be … so patient, so responsive …and so grown up, yet a little boy.
    I know him about as well as you and I can just see this all playing out in my head.

    this was the greatest idea.
    I wish Junior could hear the snapshots in conversation

  3. Anne Marie

    call me strange….

    call me overly “sentimental”…….

    but this post just made me cry

    oh man Ang- if you only know how hard it is now with 5 kids and how I miss my little Joe at that age…my heart aches just thinking of that……….

  4. Farmgirl Cyn

    e that smile he has where his eyes are nearly closed! Precious memories you made, mama!

  5. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    YEEHAW! You are the bestest mom in the whole world! Your little boy will never forget that. My Luke, from the time he was three was TOTALLY into NASCAR and knew all the drivers in both series, their car numbers, sponsors and lined up all the cars on race day and made the track (proper shape and all) with masking tape on the carpet in the family room. He even kept up with the race and when someone wrecked, he would take their car and put it into the garage area. You are investing wisely in following HIS interests and making them your own! I’ll never forget the first time I saw one of those big ol’ track facilities and the SOUND…and the FEEL of the roaring engines, especially when the ALL get going on that track! (I could write a book, can you tell??) All this is to say that when Luke turns 14 he will do the RICHARD PETTY RIDE ALONG for his birthday gift! Can’t wait! Your little guy looks like a pro with those earphones on!

  6. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Hey Joni- You’re funny !! Momma was a crazy Ju fan LONG before Aidan was born!!!! He caught on nice and quick as a baby when we would point to the screen and say, “Ju-nior”
    Sounds like your little guy had it down – seriously!!!

  7. Faith

    What fun, and a great memory. Love the pictures!! Especially the top one. It’s lovely!!!

  8. Carole~Maynard Greenhouse

    The smile on your sons face says it all!!! Thanks for sharing such a precious day with us.

  9. Paris Miniatures

    Such a shame we don’t have Nascar in France 🙁 Sounds like you both had the best of days!

  10. Belle de Ville

    What a wonderful day for you and your son. My boy would have loved such an outing when he was young, he loved cars….but there was no nascar in our neighborhood. He had to put up with playing with matchbox cars and transformers.

  11. Corporate Housing

    i can see it through your son’s eyes, so happy to see that real cars racing.

  12. Bay

    What a beautiful boy and what a treat! I’m sure he will never forget that special little “date” with his mama! New here but love your blog. Lucky me, came to find you on the day you show your bedroom! Lucky I didn’t have to be tortured like your other readers. Ha!


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