Don’t laugh cause no matter how hard we tried we could not take a photo together were we looked “normal” and yes, I know:  Note to self: Burn that dress!

Over the river and through the woods to Na-Da Farm we went! 

 Quelle bonne soirée!!!
The creepy, oh-my-goodness-could-we-have-one-more-thing-in-common girls finally met yesterday!  Hubby and I and chickens were invited out to Na-da Farm for dinner and family fun and I must say, we were not disappointed.
This is the second time I have met a fellow blogger (last year we drove to Michigan for a stay at the (old) Eclectic Culture Farm!) and I must say, as we drove the long drive home in the midnight hour we discussed that we COULD NOT recall the last time we had had so much fun!!!
If your a Na-Da Farm Chick than you can imagine the hospitality of Anne Marie.  What a meal, what a family and what a farm!  I suppose meeting someone off the internet could end up really creepy but from the moment we pulled up and her two lovely daughters and husband greeted us (and some chickens too) I knew things were going to be perfect.
I don’t know about them but we did not feel one moment of “weirdess” and we found her even more amazing than she lets on in that blog that puts us all to shame!  She is graceful and beautiful and Anne Marie I wasn’t joking when I said your skin was gorgeous.  
What a beautiful life she and her husband have carved out in the middle of nowhere!  Aidan and Amélie were in their glory surrounded by children who showed them the ropes of being able to wander free with no fear of traffic, they also showed them the chickens, geese, horses…
At one point an older child ran into the house and exclaimed, “Aidan and Marina just brought the horses in!”  This morning I asked Aidan just how one does “bring a horse in” and he said very matter of factly, “you just hook this thing around their neck and bring them in.”  “And you and Marina (age 5) did that by yourselves??” I asked.  “Yeap” he said with pride!
I have said it before but Aidan is a different little boy on a farm.  My heart skipped many beats of joy last night as I watched him run and run and explore and swing, collect feathers and run some more.  And to be surrounded by all those kids.  The way the interacted was like they were cousins or something!  It was SOOOO SWEET! Amélie loves attention and loved being catered to and cooed over by the girls.  She was a very good little lady and ate her  dinner and held her own running around outside.  She went to sleep and we enjoyed the evening knowing she had had fun.  I was proud of her!  She also enjoyed the company of William, just 3 weeks her senior.  At one point we looked over and they were laying on the floor under the table enjoying the music of the record player up above!  That’s right, we listened to records all night – how cool.
Dinner was out of this world, to be honest Anne Marie, I had never had a crab cake and I don’t think I will sully the memory by eating them again until they are made on your stove.  Those were AMAZING!  And I could have stopped there but we didn’t and neither did the fun.  The evening ended with a caravan of family arriving, cake and birthday songs for a brother turned 40, a couple Irish jigs in the living room and finally we tore ourselves away for the 60 mile ride home.  
Aidan asked if we were coming back tomorrow.
I’ll say this straight to you miss Anne, I do, like I wrote before, “dig you with a shovel”, last night was truly magical (in a gypsy sort of way:) and delightful and I pray that our friendship only grows and grows from here!!!
MERCI BEAUCOUP! and köszönöm!!!

Aidan 8, Aidan 4 and Marina.  Three sweetpeas in a pod!

The peas again.  How adorable are they???

Aidan was delighted, no, beyond delighted to drink his apple juice from a cordial glass!

The kids toasted the evening…

As Anne Marie cut beets!

Check out the menu!

Feeding the horses.

We had to try again but could not keep a straight face.

The girly, girls with the barn foundation in the background.
No photos of the hubbies who hit it off rather well – should have ran out and snapped one during a ping-pong game – darn.  Next time!