No doubt, if you live near an Aldi you have seen these dutch ovens in their “kitchen section” and if you’re anything like me for years you wondered… 
“Are those any good?”
Well, you know when you move to a new home how you have to have a few new things, (especially when you have been married almost twenty years…S*&% gets old!)… new hooks for closets, new silverware organizer… New Le Creusets for your kitchen.
Not with children to feed! 
What decadence!  to shell out $350 on a cobalt blue Le Creuset or Staub for that matter so when I saw these little babies at Aldi this fall and I had 6 bushel of apples ready to turn into applesauce… on a whim, after wondering about their quality for the last couple years,  I threw them into my cart.
 I don’t know how I made it without these things!
(Which is always how I feel when I get something new for my kitchen).
For $29.99 a piece they are worth their weight in gold (about 12 pounds each).
FYI – a 5.5 quart Le Creuset will run you $265-355.00 dollars.
There are outlets of course and you may 
even score one at TJ Maxx…
This set, full price, from their website will run you $1,000.00 
well worth every centime I am sure.
Or you could click these more affordable 
little diddies from Amazon…
each a different size and heavenly purpose.

But you know what, you will never hear me disparage that price – I do believe in quality kitchen gear for the professional (not me) it is a necessity.  
That’s why they make $20,000 ranges for crying out loud… and aren’t they GORGEOUS!!! 
 My goodness, I think I 
would make out with that thing…
and as silly as it sounds, when we bought our range eight years ago I actually became a better cook.
My kitchen is not, sans Creuset…
A few years ago I treated myself to the Le Creuset spatula set – 
 (Click image to shop)
and a few months ago at my friends resale shop I found the matching salt and pepper shakers. 
My friend Françoise once served us ratatouille in the little minis (with chevre baked on the top) and since then I have wanted those little, ridiculous cuties!
(Click image to shop)
Or Staub.
I am not picky.
(Click image to shop)
Let’s be real – who wouldn’t take a whole shelf or two full!
Too bad the Aldi line isn’t bigger!!!
I believe the ones I have are a six quart and one is a five quart.
They were a DREAM for stewing my apples for applesauce and they bail me out every day – seems like I am always in a hurry to feed some starving child and having never cooked with anything like this before, I am constantly amazed at how FAST they boil water, thaw a chunk of frozen, homemade pasta sauce, etc.  And of course, they are oven safe… I believe up to 375 degrees.


Even though I am not in my old beautiful blue and white kitchen I chose cobalt blue.  ( I will show you my new kitchen in it’s entirety soon — it still has my favorite touches of blue). 
 If you find these at Aldi you will be able to choose between blue and red.  They also carried a skillet and cast iron frying pan.  WISH I would have bought them and two more of these to boot!
These are no longer at Aldi, and I, being a true Farmgirl now (whoot-whoot!) don’t live 30 seconds from one anymore so… if you see these at your Aldi  be sure to get yourself a couple – unless you’ve got to have the real thing of course!  
I can’t say that I blame you!
I love my Faux Creusets – as I call them.
Which kitchen gadget, dish or appliance
  are you in love with lately???