Well, it happened.
I actually can not believe it… I was starting to shift my imagination towards finding the perfect piece of land and then building a French Style home that looks ancient and while I still really like that idea…
I love to look for farms on the internet. My favorite site is UnitedCountry.com and low and behold, I found this farm. I’ve looked at A LOT of farms, and while I have seen some that I like, I have never, ever found one which included everything on our “dream farm list.”
Here is what our list includes:
Hills, rolling terrain.
Pine trees
Rock/stone features
A stream/river
An old house with potential…
Check this out-
45 acres total, 4 tilable
110 year old farmhouse, complete with finished attic!!!
The tabaco barn
Stone wall, hay barn… covered in IVY!!!
Ok, this interior is gag-o-rama but it doesn’t faze me. Rip out ALL the carpeting, tear down every lick of wall paper, paint the trim… et voila.
This is the attic bathroom. With that tub I may have to make MY bedroom the attic but here is a thought, when photographing your home, hide the screen and put the lid down!
Spring fed pond and vegetable garden. Look at that hill! I just adore a rolling aspect to a farm.
Barn interior and though it’s not photo’d there is a stage and seating for when they used to have barn dances here!!!! HELLO!
Inside of the tabaco barn… sigh.
Screen in porch to watch… NOTHING!
What I didn’t show you is the barn is equipped for animals and for milking goats, there are 3 bathrooms, a pretty green woodburning furnace…
Like a 12 year old who wants a pony I am sick with want for this farm. I almost wish I had never found it because for 36 hours it has consumed many of my thoughts…
Did I mention that it is on the Mississippi???
Gorgeous country.
Our dream could probably be best described as “Agri-tourism.” We would like a farm where our garden could be big enough to do a couple farmers markets a week, including the sale of gorgeous floral boquets assembled by moi, we want to grow apples for sale in the fall, pumpkins for October, and pine trees for Christmas. We want to host the most beautiful farm weddings anyone has ever seen on the weekends and build a little cottage or two that we could rent out B -n- B style. (You would come and stay with us wouldn’t you???) Hubby would maintain an outside job until we got established and then I could finally become, something we have talked about since the day we got married
… a farmer’s wife.
This farm is four hours away and about $50,000 above our price range… assuming Big Daddy could even find a job in this dreadful economy. We do love our house, we do love our town, but we long for silence in the mornings instead of the hum of traffic a few blocks away, we desire to grow more food and give our kids the chance to run wild… exploring, learning… not being restrained by a city lot. I see how they run when we go to my Gramma’s farm… it’s so beautiful… like the way it should be for a child.
Maybe this farm will sit on the market for a couple years… maybe there is another one somewhere even better… we are praying about it, where ever it is… it seems so impossible with the state of our country… in the meantime. I’ll keep clicking and praying,
but it’s easy to doubt I will find anything like this!


  1. Kalee

    Beautiful. As a city girl who feels torn because I yearn for a place for goat’s, a large garden, and a small orchard I completely am with you on this. I wish you a farm of your dreams someday.

  2. Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima

    This farm is perfect, you’re right.
    I whish you can see your dream come into reality as soon as possible.
    p.s.Your words about seeing your children running wild in the fields,growing your own vegetables,having farmer markets…I find myself in every single word.

  3. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Angela – it is beautiful! I cannot blame you for falling in love with it. They stole my patio furniture too (rusts out quickly and is not comfortable to sit on) and my rock wall. I even have a photo in my scrapbook of an all white house that is a similar style.I have a dream of one day renovating an old church and making it our home and running my Christmas seminars from there. I also want a ‘Biblical’ herb garden in the shape of a cross. An idea I fell in love with years ago. My house has a few church like features with its roof line and such a stunning setting but it’s not a real old church so I’m still holding onto the dream. Hold onto your dream – don’t let it go!

  4. Tina

    That looks like a bit of paradise on earth! My grandparents had a farm, and, as children, we would leave the city on the weekends and run wild and free and take long treks and hikes with either my aunt or my grandpop through the fields. When I was married and my children were younger, we had a little bit of land for them to run around on. My 1st home with the kids and just me had a nice-sized yard as well. This was all while living in Texas, though – the dollar stretched a bit further.

    Fortunately, to make up for not having the space anymore nor my grandparents farm to roam around (sold many years before I moved back to PA with my kids – true shame, too, b/c we are only about 3 mi. away from the farm now), we have a ton of green space in our urban fringe community.

    Unfortunately, there is no space to garden…that really cramps my style!

    I will pray for you to realize your dreams! And, I’ll continue to pray for me to realize mine…just a little bit more space with some land to work!:)

  5. Sarah

    Keep the faith and keep the vision. It will come to you when the time is right! It’s beautiful and so are your plans for it.

  6. Stephanie

    It’s perfect for you! I love the rolling hills and the barns. I love when I get to drive around the more rural areas and see things like this. It always looks so peaceful and happy. They way you are drawn to it, maybe it’s meant to be?

  7. Stephanie

    Me again…I thought I read “it’s IN Mississippi” and I was getting excited because of the fantastic barn sales you would have but then I re-read and unfortunately it says “it’s ON the Mississippi”. Ha! Bummer for me. 🙂

  8. Miss Sew & So

    i have just popped over to your from joy at the savvycity farmer and i am in loooove with your dream farm!!

    we are australians living in farmland in england and for us having a milkman deliver our eggs and pints daily from the farm next to the kiddos school sure beats big city sydney living for a while…

    a very happy new follower!

    melissa x

  9. Alice

    Oh be still my heart! Your dream farm is, well, dreamy! Those barns are just amazing, and the house has so much potential.

    There’s nothing like life on a farm. The hard work is paid off 100 fold by the gorgeous views, ample room to play, fresh air, and so much more.

    I wish everyone had the opportunity to live on a farm, even if for a day or two.

  10. My Yellow House

    Good Morning! I wish for you that someway somehow a creative idea would pop up and you could figure out how to get this farm! Everything about it looks so charming and quaint – a perfect place for kids to grow up at.
    I always wanted lots of land for my boys to run around on, I really believe it would have changed so many things in our lives…for the better.
    In the meantime, keep the faith that the perfect time and place will soon come. 🙂

  11. Joannah

    I can see why you love it! I would come and stay in your B&B. 🙂

  12. Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm

    I love it! I admit that I had to look twice at the pictures to assure myself that it was not a Dr friend of mines farm for sale! Her farm is JUST LIKE THIS ONE. She has goats, chickens, cattle and a huge CSA garden. Oh and several little farm kids play in the creek and farm pond too!!

    I think you should just go ahead and get it!!!!!!

  13. Anne Marie

    woooaahhh……..what a property! everything you have wanted! and more!! I’ve been looking in British Columbia 🙂 funny…….i’m obsessed with 70* weather and the seashore lately (I wonder why)

    get the book “5 acres and independence”….get it even if you aren’t moving down there – greatest book on living off your land….

  14. Tamra

    I recommend you go offer them 60 thousand less than the asking price (the extra will help with closing cost). As my dad always says “All they can say is “no”.

    Talk with them, tell them your dreams and let them know this is your forever home. So there you go, go make the offer. You never know. And if they say no, then give them your number and tell them to call you if they change their mind. You just might be surprised.

    It looks beautiful. I have only one little acre but we are 8 miles from town surrounded by vineyards and a huge horse farm and a lot of peace and quiet. My dreams have been much the same as yours and I so wish I had done it when I was younger and my kids were little.

    I hope it works out for you. But you won’t know until you start talking with them.


    This is completely awesome. All that property & those buildings. So much work, but in time I could be a showplace. Keep watching it. Or make an offer that makes it a good deal for you.

  16. Deanna

    Such fun to see this farm and dream. It would be a delight to live there. Awesome place.

    Keep praying and dreaming…it is awesome to see what the Lord does.

    I remember a house in my hometown that I luvvveed as a child! We’d move about and eventually returned to my hometown when I was in my
    30’s. We bought the house.

    Years have passed since then. Now we live in an old stone house. My husband had wanted to live in a stone house for years. Answered prayer. Still dreaming and praying.

    Have a sweet day,

  17. Belle de Ville

    I do hope that you and yor family get your dream farm.

  18. Stacey Merriman

    Delight thyself also in the LORD: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Psalms 37:4

    But I know you know this very very well ;p

    The farm is wonderful…where exactly is it?

  19. paperbird

    how wonderful it would be to live the farmgirl life.

    I just received the soap I purchased and it is WONDERFUL- I love it very much- the wrapping, tucked with sweet dried flowers- very beautiful.

  20. Sandra

    That’s a beautiful farm and I could even live in the house, As Is, for a long while. You’d be surprised what you can put up with when you’re living your dream. I put up with no insulation, no walls, no windows, R-19 insulation with 6 mm plastic over it and mice running around over our heads and was happy, happy, happy.
    Ag-tourism is a wonderful way to increase farm income; I’ve been doing it for more than a decade and have taught it at university, in Russia, Armenia, Georgia and all over the east coast.
    Hold on to your dream, I did, ever since I was 6 years old and now I’m living it.
    God hears the prayers of the righteous and gives us the desires of our hearts when we’re women after God’s own heart.

  21. Deb

    Make a ridiculous offer…it can’t hurt! I’d stay a few days…so there’s your first booking!

  22. Faith

    It is amazing!! I wish I could buy it for you 🙂

  23. Old Blush Atelier

    I’ve almost lived that dream. A beautiful Queen Anne Victorian on 21 acres with rolling pastures, pine trees, a creek across the back, a garden center from home, all the animals including a lama named “Freckledean” and a mini donkey. I’ve propagated antique roses, planted a potager and a boxwood partere and had planned to offer the house and grounds for weddings and more. Until April 21 2010 when my husband lost 3/4 of his income. Now the house and 21 acres are up for sale in the beautiful countryside of North Carolina. Wouldn’t you like to buy my farm? I’ll send you an e-mail with pictures just for fun. You can see some of the interior pictures on my blog OldBlushAtelier.Blogspot.com

    P.S. We are buying the House next door, a run down 50ish Ranch that I want to turn into a quaint French Country Home. Wish me luck cause I’ll need it!

    Hope all your dreams come true!!

  24. Jenny

    Oh, girl I am praying for you and y’alls “patch” of land with big dreams. thanks for dreaming out loud. Having already seen what you have brought to pass, dreaming in the place you have been set…it is inspiring indeed.

  25. myletterstoemily

    what a lovely farm and a grand dream.
    i have no doubt that you can do it, as
    i have seen you accomplish more than
    anyone i know!

    are you familiar with “thistle cove farm?”
    she has a gorgeous working farm that
    you would love.


  26. Julie

    What a beautiful farm! I’ll come & stay in your B & B.

    I’ve lived the past 20 years in an 800 sf 2nd story apt in Southern California, so the farm looks like heaven to me. I’m praying for (and working towards) a 100 year old cottage with a few acres in the Central Valley.

    Here’s to all of our dreams coming true.

  27. Amy

    sweet place! may the farm of your dreams appear to you at exactly the right time. keep thinking and dreaming it and it will come!

    p.s. it was great to hear from you today!

  28. cityfarmer

    I am sure, very sure, that if I begin this sentence you can finish it ….

    … and then we could …
    … I’ll watch the chickens if you want to …
    … If Grandpa’s not busy he can build a …

    Christmas eve in your kitchen and Christmas morning in mine … you little dreamer … let’s dream big!

  29. Musings From A French Cottage

    What a beautiful farm. My husband and I have this same dream. He would love to have horses and I want to be able to grow all of our own organic food. My cousin and his family just left the city of Richmond, Va and bought an Alpaca farm. Now they raise Alpacas and the children run free! They say it was the best thing they ever did.

    Continue to pray and God will lead you right to where you are meant to be!

    God Bless,

  30. Gwynie Pie

    Oh my goodness. What a beautiful piece of property. And the house — Girl! Just about perfect. I pray you get a farm of your very own.

    Gwyn Rosser @ The Pink Tractor

  31. A Tale of Two Cities

    Can’t imagine how perfect it would be with all your French touches added to what is already a wonderful locale. Keep dreaming….


  32. Girl Meets Paris

    For a while, I found myself putting all dreams and thoughts on hold until the economy recovered… then I woke up, and went back to dreaming. This is the time I live in… good and bad. I must accept it and work within it’s confines, and be more creative.
    I feel your dreams will come true as long as you keep them in your sights.


    And yes… reserve Scott and I a weekend in your B&B…complete with macarons on the pillow 🙂

  33. Mrs. B.

    Oh my goodness. I’m not a country type o’ girl but those photos and that description of your dream for a farm life sound pretty alluring to me. How beautiful it would all be.

  34. Judy

    I just found your blog and love it. Have patience, you will find something. My husband and I along with our last one moved from the Chicagoland area to a log home on 20 acres. You photos look very much like the area where we live now, the Ocoooch Mountains of Southwest Wisconsin. I looked at over 1000 places online and we visited I can’t even remember how many and eventually we found our place.
    I hope your dreams come true.


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