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Well, it happened.
I actually can not believe it… I was starting to shift my imagination towards finding the perfect piece of land and then building a French Style home that looks ancient and while I still really like that idea…
I love to look for farms on the internet. My favorite site is and low and behold, I found this farm. I’ve looked at A LOT of farms, and while I have seen some that I like, I have never, ever found one which included everything on our “dream farm list.”
Here is what our list includes:
Hills, rolling terrain.
Pine trees
Rock/stone features
A stream/river
An old house with potential…
Check this out-
45 acres total, 4 tilable
110 year old farmhouse, complete with finished attic!!!
The tabaco barn
Stone wall, hay barn… covered in IVY!!!
Ok, this interior is gag-o-rama but it doesn’t faze me. Rip out ALL the carpeting, tear down every lick of wall paper, paint the trim… et voila.
This is the attic bathroom. With that tub I may have to make MY bedroom the attic but here is a thought, when photographing your home, hide the screen and put the lid down!
Spring fed pond and vegetable garden. Look at that hill! I just adore a rolling aspect to a farm.
Barn interior and though it’s not photo’d there is a stage and seating for when they used to have barn dances here!!!! HELLO!
Inside of the tabaco barn… sigh.
Screen in porch to watch… NOTHING!
What I didn’t show you is the barn is equipped for animals and for milking goats, there are 3 bathrooms, a pretty green woodburning furnace…
Like a 12 year old who wants a pony I am sick with want for this farm. I almost wish I had never found it because for 36 hours it has consumed many of my thoughts…
Did I mention that it is on the Mississippi???
Gorgeous country.
Our dream could probably be best described as “Agri-tourism.” We would like a farm where our garden could be big enough to do a couple farmers markets a week, including the sale of gorgeous floral boquets assembled by moi, we want to grow apples for sale in the fall, pumpkins for October, and pine trees for Christmas. We want to host the most beautiful farm weddings anyone has ever seen on the weekends and build a little cottage or two that we could rent out B -n- B style. (You would come and stay with us wouldn’t you???) Hubby would maintain an outside job until we got established and then I could finally become, something we have talked about since the day we got married
… a farmer’s wife.
This farm is four hours away and about $50,000 above our price range… assuming Big Daddy could even find a job in this dreadful economy. We do love our house, we do love our town, but we long for silence in the mornings instead of the hum of traffic a few blocks away, we desire to grow more food and give our kids the chance to run wild… exploring, learning… not being restrained by a city lot. I see how they run when we go to my Gramma’s farm… it’s so beautiful… like the way it should be for a child.
Maybe this farm will sit on the market for a couple years… maybe there is another one somewhere even better… we are praying about it, where ever it is… it seems so impossible with the state of our country… in the meantime. I’ll keep clicking and praying,
but it’s easy to doubt I will find anything like this!