My Coke Zero 400 Nascar Party and Giveaway!~

Jul 4, 2012 | Random Thoughts | 6 comments

So, this is so fun…
This NASCAR Momma, 
got asked by an agency that represents Coca-Cola 
to host a NASCAR party this weekend in celebration of the race! 
 In turn they sent me a huge box of goodies today – fun stuff for the beach and for summer… you know… 
And they’ve got a package for one of you too!
So here’s the deal!
I know some of you are NASCAR girls and some of you thing I am totally hillbilly for lovin’ me some NASCAR!  Tell you what – you watch this race this weekend… check out those cutie drivers… (ahem, Dale Junior) check out those fast cars… (WHAT COULD BE COOLER!) 
Football players are/look FAT! 
 NASCAR drivers are cute, cool and full of personality!
Watch all or some of the race and let me know what you think – I’ll have another post up on the day of the race where you can comment.  One of you will will the following Coca-Cola package. 


·         1 Coca-Cola branded Grandstands Cooler (Totally fun!  Aidan freaked cause it’s in the shape of a car!)
·         A Coca-Cola Branded Reclying Koozie to keep your drink chilled
·         A Coca-Cola Carabiner Key Light
·         A Coca-Cola NASCAR Decal Pack
·         A Coca-Cola and NASCAR Race Day Cap
·         3 Coca-Cola Tumblers (16oz. insulated tumbler)
·         The prize was provided and may be shipped to the winner by Coca-Cola, but Coca-Cola is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this giveaway. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of The Coca-Cola Company.
 You can even Tweet to @CocaColaRacing for extra fun the day of the race!
Nothing like a little branding!  Sounds like some all American fun!
Baby story coming!
Happy In-DEpendance day!


  1. Sherri

    We are tried & true NASCAR lovers in our house too. Sounds like a FUN giveaway!

  2. Kathleen

    I had to giggle as I began to welcome the 20+ football players spending 5 days of celebrating at our home last night. Not an ounce of fat on any one of them….well, maybe one.

    A different kind of 4th of July celebration right down the road from you! Happy Fourth!

  3. Lisa and Joey @ Paintbrush and Screwdriver

    I became a fan through osmosis. It is pretty exciting to watch, especially the last few laps.

    So if you’re a hillbilly, I’m one too! Or maybe I’m a redneck, since I live in GA?


  4. WhiteWhispers2u

    Love the Coke products! Love a good Race~Cheers Kim

  5. peggy

    Ooooh ooohhh! This is so up my alley. I totally thought of you when Jr. won. I am a JP Montoya girl (been following him since Champ Car and F1) and Kasey Kahne! (Talk about cute!) In fact today, my hubby changed from a stupid girly movie to practice coverage for me and I swore my undying love on FacePants.
    So you can bet I will be here, chatting up a storm with you if you want.

  6. dawn

    I used to believe that Nascar was just a bunch of cars going in circles, until I watched my First Race. I have been an Avid Fan ever since. I love Jeff Gordon and Chad Knaus…I am saddened by the AJ News..Well Hope you enjoy the Race.


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