Blue Front Porch

Are there many enjoyments in life as fine as a porch?

I wonder what the history of the porch is?  Surely a place to hide from the sun and relax for a few moments during a time in history when people worked from dusk ’til dawn just to survive.

I wonder what the nomenclature of the word “porch” is?*

When I feel like I am just surviving my porch is a wonderful place to retreat.  The view of the farm and potager is perfect from its many windows and the breeze is fantastic.

My porch is… shall we say, rustic.  Four seasons it is not, though the spiders tend to disagree.  Darling vacuumed up all the tarantulas for me today and now I can relax without fear.

My porch is peaceful.  I don’t get to enjoy it near enough.  To many mouths to feed and not enough minutes in my day.

My porch reaches up into the 80’s on some of the coldest winter days.  Taking a nap in the sun and pretending it’s summer is a fine way to spend a dull, winter hour.  I can also over winter my rosemary there with ease.

My porch is… of course, blue and white and today, being unpacked from our vacation I decided to grab my camera and capture it for you.

Would you like a little tour?
Put your feet up and enjoy a bit of my blue heaven.

(Before we get started let’s take a quick look at my porch when it was a furniture “catch-all”… before blue.


It had it’s good days and bad days but finally just became the place to keep all the furniture from the old Parisienne Farmhouse that wasn’t working for me here in the new Parisienne Farmhouse on Half-Way Farm.

It was depressing.

 I love old books.  The colors are moving.  The smell is historic.  I can’t get enough of them.
 Found this sweet little English biscuit tin at an antique shop on vacation.  $4.50 of delight!

This galvanized chimney thing was my mothers day present.  The wonderful french farmhouse looking chairs I found at a garage sale for $2 a piece and the matching metals stools for $5 at my favorite resale shop a few weeks ago.  The table is from my Gramma.  The chandelier – my first from many, many years ago.  1930’s silver plated.

I made these pillows with down inserts from the Goodwill, a used drop cloth (seriously, I was desperate to create and that’s all I had) and my Mom came over with her fabulous stencils.  I love that stencil too much, it’s all over my house.  I may get a tattoo of it.
Am I?

I I find myself addicted to European looking baskets these days – but you know how frugal I am.  This whole pile has been found this summer here and there for less than $12.  See how the floor slopes (like the Joker’s house!) — so the rain could run off before it was enclosed.   MUST get some shims for that cabinet!

Hey!  Who’s that munchkin!???  Went all out and did french blue floors.  Sigh.

I faux-distressed this door to match my kitchen cabinets.  It was white and I have yet to do the other side.  I love it.  If you like this technique it’s super easy.  Use a semi-dry brush and the product at the link and go nuts.  You’ll have to get it tinted.  I believe I used “Deep Ocean.”

So don’t laugh but I made the slip cover.  I just love ticking and had to try it while saving up for a pro-job.  It’s a bit shabby but hey… overall I really impressed myself, I have never done anything like that before though I break into my Cirque de Soliel routine to get the old cushion stuffed into that pillowcase.  Contortionist.

A favorite vintage apron.  A french thermometer found at that awesome garage sale I blogged about a few years ago and a French barometer that I found at this horrid, funky little market in Paris in a not-so-great neighborhood.  SCORE!… or should I say, “GOAL!”

Oh, those chairs.

I am not showing you the top part of this cab.  It’s full of homeschool stuff that needs to be straightened.  Long time readers have seen in before.  After all these years I still just LOVE the paint job.

If Ironstone is out of fashion, I don’t care.  I want a huge wall of it someday.  In the meantime these fabulous prints will have to do.  They are so unique.

Another junkie piece of furniture that takes a beating.  This is where I toss all Darling’s stuff that he leaves around the house (drills, duct tape, random screws…)

A room with a view.

Crusty ceiling.

And last but not least my birthday present from Joel.  On vacation in Door Country last week we found these BITCHIN’ olive buckets from Turkey.  I think I peed my pants.  We could only get two – would that I could I would have bought all 30 of them.  They are dreamy and I had to toss my rosemary topiary in them for maximum effect.

I hope you enjoyed and had a chance to relax.

Parisienne Farmgirl

*Post Script:
“Porch” comes from the the latin word porticus and the greek word portico referring to the columned entry of a temple.