My 1,701st Sunday

May 1, 2006 | Spiritual | 2 comments

Not much good came out of the 70’s aside from many of my loyal readers, this Parisienne Farmgirl, ABBA and this super schwet Louis XVI Empire style loveseat that I found at a resale shop in town a few weeks ago. It has been waiting patiently in my “sunroom” for its makeover. I was going to wait to find the perfect fabric and then be inspired to paint it but this afternoon I decided to really lean into the color palette found in my lovely peacock feathers…green silk will do for now. The creative juices were flowing today…
We started the day with “church of the internet” but found it lacking and not the same as it is in person. We envy you all in Grand Rapids for being able to attend Mars Hill. What we wouldn’t give to go to church in an unprentious shopping mall. We are TRYING to make Sunday a true Sabbeth. Not in some weird religious way but for heavens sake if the LORD can rest after creating the earth for 6 days than we can rest too. Our goal is to not do anything considered work on Sunday. Example, Gardening is not work. It is enjoyable. Mowing the lawn, while enjoyable is considered work. No crappy errands, no bill paying. Funny, I unloaded the dishwasher and moved the laundry along…
It rained in my garden and in Alabama so Talledaga held my breath with a rain delay that lasted two hours. Alors, even though I love all things French – forget Formula One – this is a NASCAR household. “As for me and my house…” Too bad we don’t have cable. The race has been postponed until tomorrow afternoon. I will have to listen on the radio.
The three of us stayed in our jammies all day. I am stunned at the joy derived from teeth that haven’t been brushed, boobs un-bra-ed and homemade salsa. Let me assure you that as I post at 9:30 at night I have brushed my teeth by now. Babydoll is obessed with my toothbrush and fusses with incredible gusto until I let him suck on the remaining mintyness. Pretty gross.
Tomorrow we have two bids to give and over 100 miles round trip. I want to complain but I can’t. We had our faux finishing skills featured an article in the Daily Herald last weekend and while we did not receive as many calls I had hoped we are happy to meet people interested in our company ( I have made a new blog for us at It is going to be a long day but when my little Honey breathes over me tomorrow morning, anxious for me to finally open my eyes I will once again sing to him “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”…Life holds all sorts of stresses that will never burden my blog but rejoicing in a new day is a powerful thing. Today was a prime example. Apres

Alors- Alas, so
Super schwet – slang for “very cool” – not 100% on the French spelling. I use the phrase but it is nowhere to be found in my Larousse
Avant- before
Apres- after


  1. Amanda

    I like the green! Looks great! You had the creative juices….

  2. Brandy

    Love the loveseat. That green is simply beautiful.


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