Two and a half weeks here at Half Way Farm.

Dozens of eggs.

Tons of garbage on the burn pile.

Lots of chicken poop.  (Why do they seem to like the walk-way the best???)

Seven more boxes to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the magazine launched this past spring a DEAR commented sent me a bottle of Veuve Cliquot.  We decided to save it for when we got our farm.  Thank you Steph~!  It was amazing!
Moving day was horrible.  
I cried a lot. 
 I never want to do it again.
Praise God for people who love to serve – SIX PEOPLE we don’t even know showed up from the church where our kids go to Awana and helped us INTO THE NIGHT!  Aidan mentioned it the Wednesday before and Saturday morning people just started SHOWING UP!  Plus my dad came to over see the piano moving, ( may post that video – it was SO intense!) my Mom and her husband… my sister and her husband.   And we never even got to finish the basement or touch garage!  

Oh and – I can breathe again!!!  We got the ducts cleaned and withing TWENTY MINUTES I was a new person!  You should have SEEN the crud they sucked out.  So much dust and dander.  So much hair!
LeeLee’s birthday is Monday AND we are having Christmas on the farm.  Just heard we are going to get SLAMMED tomorrow with snow and 50 mile-an-hour winds.
Oh boy.
Getting ready bake me a cake hunker down.