More Farm Dreams… Sort of.

Apr 12, 2012 | From France to the Farm | 34 comments

Big giant buzzkill.
Yesterday we were going to have our first showing (our home has been on the MLS for two weeks now) and we were SO excited. We whipped this house into shape, flipped on all the lights, opened the windows, fluffed the pillows and went to wander the aisles of Target full of hope and dreams… We have looked at A LOT of old homes and though this house is far from perfect, it is charming and we just feel that if we could simply get some one to WALK THRU it, 
 that it would sell.
Turns out, they, whoever “they” were, 
found a house right before this one.
The didn’t even COME!
I was so bummed.
And then, I got an email from a friend up in Door County and she sent me this…
Hold on to yourself…
A french style barn girls.
In Fish Creek girls (a mon avis… the BEST town in Door)
(Sort of) IN OUR PRICE RANGE GIRLS (assuming hubby could get a job or we get like 3,000 magazine subscriptions this week! LOL!)
It’s on tons of unaffordable acreage but they are offering the barn on a couple acres by itself…
OH! I can’t even STAND IT!
Look at this and dream with me.
I don’t know if you’ve got vision but I can see this all done!
Totally rustic, french… totally provençal. I can see it… sort of modern loft meets old stone maison…
Totally Parisienne Farmhouse.
I can see myself riding my bike down the hill, into town.
I can see the gorgeous storms rolling in off the lake on a steamy July evening.
I can see the herbs planted all around that stone foundation.
I can see my kids growing up like true “outdoorsy” Midwesterners. Skiing, snowmobiling, kayaking…
I see a spacious open floor plan… 
and chickens pecking about outside.
(Wonder if they allow chickens on Cottage Row?)
Oh my goodness.
Four measly photos and I doubt I will be able to sleep this week.
Can you see the steam coming out of my ears from your spot in front of your computer?
I’ve got serious imagination issues and 
potential like this does not help. 




A girl’s gotta dream, doesn’t she?


  1. Cindy Garner


    It is wonderful….What a Gem…I can see why the excitement….

    May God graciously shine His face upon you and your family♥


  2. Amy @ Homestead Revival

    Okay… I could TOTALLY see this redone as a house! Yep… I could. Lots of work, but you’re young. I would definitely check on the chicken laws there… all that beauty and no “girls” to scratch and peck? It wouldn’t be the same. Oh, and while you’re at it… look into goats and bees, too. Trust me on this. It’s an addiction that grows and you’ll want to be prepared when the urge strikes to have your own milk or honey source.

  3. Shingle Cottage

    Oh my Angela,
    I believe i will be day dreaming all weekend with you,its beautiful!
    I can imagine the downstairs windows with old French shutters in that lovely shade of soft aqua blue,oh and wisteria flowers all around swaying in the breeze.
    So sorry your home didn’t get a chance and i hope someone pops round real soon and falls in love with it.

  4. Passionedeco...perchè le case hanno un'anima

    Oh my Godness… Angela.
    I can’t believe they did not come….what kind of people is around nowadays? Words do not count anymore….I’m overwhelmed by this….and so sorry for you.

    And for that farm…so sorry to say BUT…I really see you there girl!


  5. janzi

    That is surely the hardest cut, to get the house looking lovely and you sitting exhausted waiting for the visitors then they dont turn up!!!! We have a georgian rectory, it has 8 bedrooms, three of which are annexed off into a sep part, and 5 in the main part. We are inside the church gardens, but our actual land is not much.. we have had the house on market twice in past 5 years and not one offer, so we have taken off and we will try again in another three years, hopefully the market will be better then… this recession has been awful for all of us.. I do hope your lovely house sells soon, and that you can see that house of your dreams.. good luck, love reading your posts, and what a gorgeous family you have.. you must be doing something right ha h… hugs from across the pond. j

  6. Stephanie

    Wow, that does look very French, and with loads of potential too.

  7. miss flibbertigibbet

    OMG…OMG…You HAVE to have it! What could be more perfect?? Look at those beams! OK….big time prayer coming up! If I can’t have it then YOU should!!
    {I am SO freakin’ SACRIFICING ….aren’t I?}
    Blessings, Lorraine

  8. Lisa and Joey @ Paintbrush and Screwdriver

    I can absolutely see it! It would be perfect for you. (I know, I’m not helping…)

    Sorry about the showing. Do you have any plans for an open house? I don’t know if realtors are even doing them anymore. We have three houses on our street that have been on the market for months, and none of them have had open houses.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  9. Lisa DeNunzio

    Great bones. I know what you mean, some women dream about designer clothes, I dream about houses. My real fantasy is to have a fixer-upper in Italy, but for now I have to content myself with keeping my 1920’s Mediterranean style home intact.

    Sweet dreams, Lisa

  10. Sarah

    I can see your steam..can you see it coming from me too! 🙂 GORGEOUS.
    I would love for this dream to come true for you.

    If we all say lot of prayers and cross our fingers….

  11. Roller Mill Farms

    dreaming and scheming! that’s what i do when i think of living anywhere! Imagine the parties, how i’d do the kitchen.. Sometimes i even “live” in places as i drive by, usually imagining how i’d give a bland house curb appeal, add a front porch- everyone should have a front porch. I can’t seem to stop myself from dreaming! I know how you feel when you’re looking for a place, there’s a little heartbreak every time it doesn’t work out. But then something ALWAYS works out… in time!

  12. Anne

    What a beautiful home.I was in your situation almost 6 years ago.Selling a home is very stressful.Lots and lots of praying.I just put it all to God.And he saw us though it and brought us to our home that we love so much.He will be with you.If it is in Gods plans it will happen.If not then he will find a even better home.

  13. lissyparkerltd

    Just beautiful! I hope that you sell yours fast and can buy this barn. Say a prayer…

    Xo, Lissy

  14. Priscilla

    If not this one, well maybe the next one.
    Hold on, it’s just around the corner.

  15. cestMoi Sandy

    Oh, yes a girl’s gotta dream! …And sometimes dreams come true!

    I see the potential!
    A diamond in the rough!


  16. cestMoi Sandy

    OH, and I see a beautiful Chandelier from those beams!
    (that is what I would do!) And… in the chicken coop I would hang one too! (LOL)
    Ohhhhh If i could onlyafford to buy 3000 more subscribtions of your magazine so you could…


  17. Mandy

    love it!!!

  18. Amber

    Oh Angela! How ’bout you take the right side of the boat and I’ll take the left? LOL! Waiting sucks and I’m tired of hearing everyone say, “it wasn’t meant to be, your dream house is waiting for you”. Whatever! 🙂 I’m convinced, we WILL get our dream farms…. when it’s supposed to happen….sigh! Until then we’ll just have fulfill our wishlist through others. 🙂
    xo, Amber

  19. Heather's Blog-o-rama

    This is really BEAUTIFUL!!! I definitely see lots of potential here!!!

    I”m sorry those people didn’t show up, because I’m convinced if they had, they would have purchased your home instead of that other so-called “perfect” home 😉 🙂 🙂 Hang in there.. Iknow God will bring the perfect couple along and will provide you with the perfect place to fulfill all your tres chic French dreams 😉 🙂 🙂 Extra special love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 😉

  20. Anonymous

    We used to own property in DC – Ephraim, until just a few years ago. Wonderful place to be!

  21. janet

    PRAYING for you that your house sells and your DREAMS come true..

  22. Revi

    If God has this house for you, he’ll keep it for you. And he just might lower the price. It happened to me!
    Nine months after looking at it, and then 50 others, we closed for 10K less on Valentine’s day 2003. If he doesn’t have this one, he may have an even better one!

  23. à la parisienne

    I can see the French farmhouse potential in that house. No wonder your wheels are turning!

    Yes, to live in the country with privacy and all kinds of space…I’m right there dreaming with you.


  24. Barb

    Dreams do come true and prayers are answered. What a gem!

  25. melyssa

    It’s gorgeous! I have a whole Barn theme going on Pinterest…I thought I was the only one whose Dream House is a barn!!!

  26. Mary Palumbo Collings

    So glad to have found your blog…. beautiful! So many things to see and read…. love it!

  27. bonnie

    Dreamers gotta dream. . . and dream big!! and a barn house? oh man. if I only could. . .

  28. Bonnie

    Must be because I’m in the crazy dream stage of pregnancy, but I dreamed last night that I was reading your blog, and you raised the subscription price to your magazine to $400 dollars a year, in hopes of quickly earning the money to buy this place!

  29. Joyce

    This just cracked me up… I am going through your archives as time allows. 🙂 Loving them all 🙂
    I lice in your beloved Door County, in Gills Rock far from the madhouse we call Fish Creek! 🙂
    My husband is a commercial fisherman but does carpentry in the winter because he is a “cowboy” and takes care of his family! Well, two years ago he worked on this very barn as t was remodeled into a home. I laughed out loud when I saw the pictures! Small world… If I remember correctly, he said it was a nightmare with many issues. Maybe God spared you!

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Joyce – GET THE HECK OUT! I loved reading this! So….. we’ll be neighbors before you know it! July 2017 it’s Door County of bust for this family! We’re making our dream come true! Let’s connect!


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