Big giant buzzkill.
Yesterday we were going to have our first showing (our home has been on the MLS for two weeks now) and we were SO excited. We whipped this house into shape, flipped on all the lights, opened the windows, fluffed the pillows and went to wander the aisles of Target full of hope and dreams… We have looked at A LOT of old homes and though this house is far from perfect, it is charming and we just feel that if we could simply get some one to WALK THRU it, 
 that it would sell.
Turns out, they, whoever “they” were, 
found a house right before this one.
The didn’t even COME!
I was so bummed.
And then, I got an email from a friend up in Door County and she sent me this…
Hold on to yourself…
A french style barn girls.
In Fish Creek girls (a mon avis… the BEST town in Door)
(Sort of) IN OUR PRICE RANGE GIRLS (assuming hubby could get a job or we get like 3,000 magazine subscriptions this week! LOL!)
It’s on tons of unaffordable acreage but they are offering the barn on a couple acres by itself…
OH! I can’t even STAND IT!
Look at this and dream with me.
I don’t know if you’ve got vision but I can see this all done!
Totally rustic, french… totally provençal. I can see it… sort of modern loft meets old stone maison…
Totally Parisienne Farmhouse.
I can see myself riding my bike down the hill, into town.
I can see the gorgeous storms rolling in off the lake on a steamy July evening.
I can see the herbs planted all around that stone foundation.
I can see my kids growing up like true “outdoorsy” Midwesterners. Skiing, snowmobiling, kayaking…
I see a spacious open floor plan… 
and chickens pecking about outside.
(Wonder if they allow chickens on Cottage Row?)
Oh my goodness.
Four measly photos and I doubt I will be able to sleep this week.
Can you see the steam coming out of my ears from your spot in front of your computer?
I’ve got serious imagination issues and 
potential like this does not help. 




A girl’s gotta dream, doesn’t she?