Mon Nouveau Appereil Photo

Dec 27, 2006 | Photography | 9 comments

There”s a new camera in the house and now I can bannish the one-point-nothing megapipsqeak camera to the truck for job bids.
I do have a lovely little Rebel 35mm but I want to move into some amateur photography so it was time to upgrade. We decided it was time for a digital Rebel and I am really enjoying it – however this camera is beyond complicated and I have been reading the instruction manual faithful with very little retention.
Nonetheless, I took 500 some odd photos this weekend and these are some that I had fun with. Some are still a little blurry but I am trying to work on interesting subjects…here are a few…


  1. julee

    Holy Crap!

  2. Anonymous

    Wow your good with taking pictures. I love taking picures too.

  3. Music Angel7926

    okay i will no longer be anonymous, see my blog at

  4. FarmgirlCyn

    I am voting for my favorites: the close up b/w of A’s hands on the piano, and the sepia right after it. I, too, want to upgrade eventually from my wonderful “Kodak digital for the learning impaired” to something a bit more detailed. “User-friendly” is the key to anything I set my hand to, so it will be no small feat to find one!!! Those instruction books are like reading Greek!!!

  5. Amanda

    These are awesome! You’re great and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of his little hands. If you want a cheap professional Christian photo lab, let me know….they do GREAT work and they are fast. You’re awesome, I’d take it up for CASH, with your videography aligned with it and you’re open for business. I’d hire you!

  6. cityfarmer

    I have to say I LOVE each individual shot and of course adnything with A. or having to do with wine….yadah yadha…just sorry we didn’t get mamie and A. with the nouveau appereil..

  7. cityfarmer

    I remember your little hands on the piano…instantly you developed a love for the keyboard and music.

    What on earth did you do with the 1.6 megapipsqueak?
    I know, A. gets to take it on as a toy, right?
    Is adnything a word?

  8. Parisienne Farmgirl

    The dinosaur of a camera is in the kitchen drawer soon to reside in the truck for painting bids and “before” shots.
    How is it possible that we didnt get a photo of you and A?
    Did you go view them yet at my kodak sight?

  9. Music Angel7926

    Hey! I like searching all the blogs and when I came across yours it just looked awesome! I love how you got the wine corks in that positon, it looks very professional.


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