A little bit of the Cotswalds…a lot of Provence. That is what I want to be reminded of when I step into my garden in these far northern suburbs of Chicago. Despite some white lattice on my neighbors border and a lack of Madames with bauguettes riding by on their bicycles I think I am coming very close to achieving the feeling of being transported that I am striving to create.
I think the last photos of “le jardin” I posted were April, so sad to think that you missed out on the prime color of that wonderful second week of July. Thankfully the plantings are staggered enough that I should have color thru mid September.
The potager that we shed blood, sweat and tears over has been a smashing success. There are very few things as fulfilling as padding out to the back for herbs, lettuce and squash for dinner. And there have been very few dinners served at our table this season where something was not from the potager. I even surprised Aidan with a handful of the best strawberries the other day. Poor thing could not understand why there were only five. He practically swallows them whole.
The fountain was the garage sale find of…possibly the century. When I designed the terrace I left a space for a wall fountain – but that was 3 years ago and there has never been that extra 400-1500 $ laying around for a wall fountain. We stummbeld upon this one for $40…yes, four-zero a couple weeks back. Blessed.
Aidan’s sandbox is next to the potager and you will find photos of that soon on his blog. He LOVES the birds and knows to bend over and smell the roses. It is so sweet. Next year he will get put to work catching the Japanese Beetles and dropping them in a bucket of soapy water. For now though, Big Daddy is faithful with his Sevin as we try to control those retched creatures. I just won’t give up my roses not matter how
many bugs they attract.
This is an incredible summer for lavender and any that I have planted (and even last years plantings) have more than doubled. I love “herby” flowers like lavender, ladies mantle, yarrow, etc. I would love it if someday every speck of dirt was covered in lavender.

Future projects include cutting an opening in the garage (just to the right of the fountain) for a door that I found in Grampa’s barn, expanding the pond and maybe adding a few steps down into it (I dangle my feet in there on very hot days) and adding an iron pergola over the terrace to support the Wisteria (that has yet to bloom) and provide some filtered light. That western sun provides no escape back there.
Now booking weddings, parties, and lazy evenings with a glass of wine.

Enjoy the photographs – click to enlarge for detail.