Well I’m a Red Neck Woman and I ain’t no high class broad, I’m just a product of my raisin’ and I say “Hey y’all and yee-haw…”

Ok, gardening doesnt make you red-neck but I am sure a product of my “raisin’“. Pull Julee away from her Mac, pull me kicking and screaming out of The Back Forty. It must be a Frey thing. I can’t get dirty enough.
I can’t stop. I am addicted. Its only been a few days and we have chain-sawed 3 giant burning bushes, transplanted my cute little Gold Cargo, I have installed 8 Lavenders and 6 Ladies Mantle under my Golden Delicious Apple tree…. Perhaps like in the vinyards my apples will have a hint of lavender to their taste.
Tomorrow morning my potage (kitchen garden) is being dug and then I will proceed to build a stone wall around it (with morter) and 4 pie slice shaped stone raised beds inside. TRES COOL. Aidan is getting a sandbox, the gravel path will take another gentle turn towards the potage and rumor has it that the Polyantha Fairy Roses will go on sale from $24.99 down to $9.95 at the Red Barn at the end of the month. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I ever move (and my only two options are France or the Farm) two things are going to have to happen. I will only sell to a die-hard gardener. NO ONE is turning my garden into a back yard and I must factor in at least ten grand into the next mortgage to recreate the wonder that is…Mon Jardin.