Mon Jardin et le fin d’été…

Sep 15, 2009 | Gardening, Photography | 16 comments

Je suis un peu triste…j’aime mon jardin et je déteste l’hiver…
Voila mon jardin et tout son colour á le fin de l’été.

Color is hanging on…even this late in September.

Blue eyes more handsome than any flower.

Savez-vous planter les choux…ils sont faux, ils sont faux. (Should I give a prize if you “get” this?) I removed my crispy, half dead “toonies” and opted for some mums and cabbage. I really don’t care for mums but they were trés cheap and say “late summer.” Can you tell I refuse to say the “f” word yet?

Letting the purple bean pods dry for next years seeds.

How to disguise ugly outdoor children’s furniture. They loved it.

Terra Cotta. I don’t have alot and could never get enough.

One of my favorite looks in the garden is roses with herbs. Roses with lavender, Roses with Ladies Mantle and Roses with Sage as seen here. If I could plow the entire thing under and start all over it the combination of roses with herbs would be my first choice


Gravel path lined with Thyme. Again, something I could never have enough of (pun intended!)

Gardening shoes for pregnant ladies with ultra flat feet. SO UGLY I KNOW!

Got Leeks?

Aidan’s new trick. Jumping out of the giant burning bush. We are headed into an entire new chapter of boyhood. I am holding on for dear life.

No words.

It took 7 years but I FINALLY have “Love Lies Bleeding” aside from my Purple Globe Thistle…well, they are both so unique.

An old mirror reflects my waterfall so you can enjoy it coming or going. Yes, I should have windexed it before the photos but there are a lot of things I “should” do.

I am thrilled about this late color. We have a very nice amount of it this year. Years of strategy are finally paying off.

The main path.

Black Opal and Sweet Basil.

Concrete Coleus.

Long Shadows and the Wellies. (Worn before my feet began to ache.)

Flagstone terrace…and the neighbor’s car in the background…ugh.

It’s been mentioned in posts long since past but this is the fountain we found for forty dollars a few years ago. Still unbelievable. I am trying to convince dear husband to bring it into the front porch for the winter. He has choice words for me every time I bring it up…and reminds me what life will be like for us if he has to have hernea surgery again. 🙂
Thank you for strolling thru my late summer garden. I am going to enjoy it until the last petal falls…


  1. Anne Marie

    thank you dear! now THIS is the Parisienne Farmgirl I fell in love with 🙂

    loved this post…..ultra chic…

    music and all – but I especially liked your purple beans and baby Em’s face…..too cute….

  2. Amanda @ Serenity Now

    Thanks for the visit. 🙂 I have moments every day that I need to chant “serenity now” to myself. 😉

    Your garden is stunning. I also love what you did with the kids’ table. We have one of those too. 🙂

  3. Victoria

    Did you already go on your camping trip? If so, how was it?

  4. Farmgirl Cyn

    Google Translator says “Do you plant the cabbages? They are wrong. They are false.”
    Do I get the prize now???
    I always love peeks at your garden, any time of the year!

  5. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Not quite Cyn but close – it’s not so much the “translation” that I am looking for..
    Just checking up on everyones “Francophilia”—is that a word???

  6. Selina

    Thanks for taking me on a stroll through your garden!! I love it. I have been reading your blog for over a year now and always enjoy it, your garden is very inspirational.

  7. Jenn@Spejory

    Je deteste l’hiver aussi…oooh, that came from the rusty part of my brain. I haven’t used my French much in about 20 years.

    I LOVE these photos! I LOVE your garden!

  8. Kimberly

    Love it all! Especially those chubby arms!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Elise

    Hi treats, love this post. Your whole blog is just fab. Ta !

  10. Bonjour Madame

    It looks fantastic. Your daughter’s face in the photo where your son is jumping is priceless. You can tell she’s suspicious of this giant leap! Love the mirror and the fountain accenting your lovely garden too.

  11. Inge

    “Savez-vous planter des choux!” C’est une chanson, bien sur! 🙂 I’m a French teacher (To be clear, I teach French. I am not a teacher who IS French.) This is one of those classic little songs to which I sometimes force my high school students to listen!

    I stumbled on your site this evening and felt like I had found my twin Francophile, farmgirl, etc. (minus the children)! I look forward to frequenting it.

    P.S. Your flowers are amazing, et moi aussi, je ne suis pas du tout impatiente pour l’arrivee de l’hiver. L’ete me manque deja…

  12. Berlin Deluxxe

    I’ve missed you. You have no idea how warm and happy your pictures made me feel. Thank you.

  13. Berlin Deluxxe

    Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. Now you have me tearing up. <3

  14. Homemaker Ang

    and no body better say a dang thing about those beautiful shoes to a pregnant lady either!

  15. Manic Mom

    Beautiful!!!! I love coming here, it relaxes me every time I look at your garden & family. Great pics, the kids & you ofcourse are just beautiful. I will be checking in more often, I love your ideas & I would love to know how you make your applesauce.

  16. Mary from Michigan

    I think the mirror is lovely without being windexed. What a great idea, to have an old mirror in the garden. The water spots on it make it appear even more misty! Have you ever heard of glass mulch? My 82 year old Aunt came to visit a few weeks ago and showed me some photos of her garden, with glass mulch. Her daughter buys wine by the color of the bottle LOL, (I’d be buying all cobalt blue), breaks the bottles and puts them through a huge rock tumbler. They are a very unique touch around a fountain…


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