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Dec 10, 2010 | Full Time Family | 16 comments

LeeLee and I, a couple weeks ago… Daddy and Aidan stayed in to snuggle down with a movie and we went to Sephora to try on perfume and lip gloss.  Notice her ensemble… Jesse, her “Madeleine Coat” as she calls it and her purple tiara.  
We are trying something new in The Parisienne Farmhouse this Christmas…
something new as a family.
Another step in focusing less on gifts and more on love.  And I have to say, it even wounds my pride to type that because it sounds so cliche… like I am jumping on some big bandwagon… but we have never been a big “gift” family in that, I never run out and buy junk that ends up on next years garage sale pile. I have never felt bad about buying them a couple things because it’s, aside from their birthday the only time of year that I do. On the contrary… my gifts are well thought out, carefully selected based on the child’s passions and interests or those that I think might soon develop.
Quality toys.
A modest addition to the Thomas the Train collection, Legos, A Madame Alexander Doll and of course a book or two.  I can think of a ton of things my children would truly enjoy their interests are so developed… this year for Aidan’s birthday we bought him a circuit board and he has spent COUNTLESS hours playing with it, creating, design, “He’s a real Electronic”… and at one point I walked in the room and the kid had made a radio out of it and was listening to the Cubs!!!  He’s FIVE!  But you get what I am saying.
 There are no Transformers or Bratz Dollz in this hiz-ouse.  (Sorry, I could not refuse.)
But this year we are trimming it down to ONE MODEST GIFT (I got Aidan a $150 set of Lego’s at my friends resale shop for $20!) and a date with Mom and Dad.
Each child (not the baby yet) will go on a their own date… one with Mom… one with Dad…something right up their alley.
I can hardly wait.
I will be taking Aidan to Legoland because we both could play Legos for hours without stoping to eat or pee.  Joel will be taking him to the Museum of Science and Industry  (I am so jealous).  Amélie LOVES to eat at restaurants cause we never do so Daddy is taking her out… all dressed up for Thai food and a trip to a Chocolate Factory.  I will be taking her to the Nutcracker… even if she only lasts til intermission.


Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to have money.  Now, I don’t mean millions, I just mean…  where you aren’t shifting grocery money around to do Christmas.  Actually, I am at the point in my life where I think that would feel so weird.  There is something about the sacrifice that I think today, at 35, makes me who I am and I am O.K. with that.
There are so many things I want for myself right now.  Really, I am just being honest… a Kitchen-Aid Mixer (6 Quart) and a new flash for my camera to name a few…and I wonder what it would feel like to just…POOF!  Go to the store and buy those things without scraping and saving…
But there has got to be something in the sacrifice.  And I know that each day, at lunch when Joel pulls out of the driveway only to return by hopefully midnight, the kids and I pray and thank the LORD for his job, we cry together often for those right now who don’t have one and even more for the millions around the world walking miles for water and fighting for their very lives…
Just think of how our LORD sacrificed.  The splendor he gave up… the wonders that were at His hands… so He could come here and be born in a BARN!  We exchange gifts in remembrance of the Wise Men’s gifts to the Baby King and in remembrance of God’s great gift to us!
I hope that our kids remember fondly their gifts this Christmas 2010… undivided, one on one time with the two people who love them most of all.

What new traditions will your family be trying this year?


  1. Tina

    Oh, WOW! That is a beautiful idea and what a precious gift! Your undivided time!!! I’m so impressed, to tears almost:)

    I wish I had started that tradition with my two teens when they were little. And, I totally get the humility behind it…single mom here and have been for over 9 yrs. now, raising my two children alone on a very humble income.

    Like you, it would be such a strange/weird experience to have gobs of money. Not that I wouldn’t mind having a bit more to do just as you said, shift some bills or grocery expenses around to have Christmas. There are many times, though, I know exactly what I would do if I had more (or even a lot of) money…I’d share it…have people over to my home (that would be big enough to have people over to visit) and treat them to a nice evening of company, laughs, good food. I’d make it a daily habit to participate in random acts of kindness that might help someone out who is in my situaiton, spend time/resources at nursing homes where people are shut-in and sometimes very lonely over this season.

    Right now, though, time for those close to me is just about all I can muster to give…because this working mama is exhausted! Someday…because I know “He has plans to prosper me, not to harm me, and plans for a hope and a future.”

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Alice

    A beautiful post. I’m not sure I would like having lots of money. It changes a person, both in how they act, and how others see them. I’m fine with watching my pennies–it makes everything we buy that much more special because we had to work hard for it.

    Honestly, though, even the poorest here in the U.S. are blessed, but may not realize it.

  3. Selina

    Wow, you both look so beautiful for your date!! It looks like heaps of fun, and is a really lovely idea.
    Your coming christmas dates look like lots of fun too.
    I haven’t posted on the last few posts due to general busyness, but wanted to say that I enjoy your ‘rants’, it is good to hear the honest thoughts of an intelligent woman, and some of them are good ways for us on the other side of the world to know what is actually going on in the US.

  4. Deb

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    GOOD FOR YOU! This is how it really should be, and you are SO NOT MISSING OUT on anything at all. In fact, those that go all out, they are the ones that miss out.

    I LOVE this and your family will be even better for it. There is so much about this that is RIGHT. Thanks for sharing! You all look wonderful ready for your date, she is just the most adorable little date ever, isn’t she? And she turns heads everywhere she goes, I just know it!

  6. cityfarmer

    there is such a freedom in this.
    Somehow it has to trickle down …
    I for one am enjoying giving as needed. Even thrift shop specialties and Target bargains …
    your kids will look back and never forget these days.

    God bless us everyone.
    I love you

  7. Jenny

    You and your dear Amelie look so gorgeous…I love that y’all are going on a trip for lip gloss and fun together. Now that time together is indeed a gift. I get those tugs for more too…I hear you girl. Y’all’s “dates” with your little ones will make this season so special that is for sure. Thank you for your thoughtful ponderings and inspiration….Praise the Lord for His great Gift.

  8. Carissa

    Making memories, time with your family, especially one on one time with the babies, is the best gift that you can give to them (Other than the gift of Jesus of course). It will be remembered long after the baby dolls and match box cars have gone to the way side. We are also focusing on giving to others this year… Operation Christmas Box, the food pantry in town, making homemade cards and caroling at the nearby nursing home. It has been a blessing to me to see the children enjoying it so much.
    We have so much to be thankful for!!!
    Your dates with the children sound wonderful! Enjoy every minute of it!

  9. Cathy M~(checkitoff)

    I just want to say it always a treat to read your posts! They are honest and always so thought-provoking! Cannot believe your little guy is playing with a circuit board~how awesome! The date nights are such a great idea! You two look fab & adorable!

    I do want to encourage you to pull together a Christmas card. My chickens are older than yours & you will be shocked at how quickly the time flies by! My kids have really enjoyed looking at the cards from the past & talking about them (esp. the youngest, how come I’m not in this pic? uh, because you weren’t born yet!!) If you do decide to do it, I would love it if you would link up to my post (open till dec 31st). Did you hear that Shutterfly is giving away 50 free cards to bloggers?Now that is a bargain that you can’t pass up!! hugs, Cathy

  10. Mac n' Janet

    Loved your post, your idea of Christmas gifts is wonderful, your children will always have the memories you’re giving them. The gift of time!

  11. Mac n' Janet

    Loved your post, your idea of Christmas gifts is wonderful, your children will always have the memories you’re giving them. The gift of time!

  12. Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig

    You see? Prime example. You don’t just talk the talk, you are walking it, sister.

    The time spent with you is so much more precious than any other “gift” you could give them.

    You are raising exceptional little humans, Angela!


  13. Julie

    What a beautiful gift you’re giving your children. They will remember it long after they’ve forgotten the presents. Amelie looks thrilled to be going on a date with Mommy(and I have to say, you have the most adorable children. Every time you post a picture of them, it just melts my heart).

    For me, it’s a time of trying to make new traditions. My mom died last year, and as she was the last of her generation in our family, my siblings and cousins and I are now the “oldest” generation. It’s an unsettling feeling for me. With my nieces and nephews now in their mid 20’s and on their own (but with no little ones, yet), things just aren’t the same, so it’s time to make new traditions. I’ve been trying to focus far more on the Reason for the season, to celebrate Advent in a more meaningful way and to remember the poor.

    I agree with you that having a lot of money would feel odd. After spending many of my adult years in VERY difficult financial circumstances, I now have enough. I certainly don’t want to go back to the days when my stomach churned every time the phone rang with yet another creditor, and I don’t miss the sleepness nights of worry, wondering if I would be homeless next month, but I also don’t want to be rich either. Being able to have anything you want, whenever you want it, without having to work for it, takes a lot of the pleasure away. It stops being meaningful when there is no sacrifice involved. I also like having something to look forward to, and immediate gratification takes that away.

    Great post. It gives me ideas for what to do when those nieces & nephews finally give me some GRANDnieces and nephews to spoil 🙂

  14. Joannah

    I think that’s a great idea. I’ve already been thinking about how I want my child to experience Christmas in the years to come, and it’s not with a bunch of plastic stuff. I will tuck your ideas away in the back of my head for future consideration.



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