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Jul 11, 2014 | Beauty and Style, Health and Beauty | 20 comments

So… I’ve been wanting to do this for months now and the moment presented itself yesterday. All was quite (sort of). Good lighting. And me, ready to do my makeup. Making videos is nerve wracking.

Such a dork am I.

I must have a whole file full that I am too embarrassed to post.


But this one came out kind of cute, aside from my family joke “immigrant moustache” comment that is NOT RACIST but is instead in reference to my Germanic great-grandmothers and their moustache hair that I inheiritated- cause you know, it’s only OK to make comments like that about white people. Insert anti-politically correct giggle.

Anywhoo.  Thought I’d nip that in the bud before the hate mail poured in.  Cause God is Great but people are crazy.

Here is is.  My Mom Makeup Tutorial.  I’ve got all the products listed below with links (just click on the picture) for your shopping pleasure.  This will go up on my “Magic’s in the Makeup” board on Pinterest too.  Feel free to share.

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Have a beautiful weekend!

Parisienne Farmgirl



  1. Mandy

    this was fun 🙂 I love that the videos make it feel like we know you better. I’m with you on the mascara. It’s the ONE thing I always wear no matter. But…I’ve NEVER done my eyebrows. I don’t think they’re awful considering I haven’t ever had them waxed or penciled them…I’ll have to try it. You need to put the links here and the names of the products.

  2. Prairie Mama

    Loved this!!! And you are a mama with littles and I loved that even more about the video! I have a 10 minute mom makeup routine also…(: I agree looking nice even when we are home is essential to feeling great about ourselves…..Not to mention the hubby likes that I care enough to look pretty for him. (: Thanks Angela, and as always I love your videos.

  3. Mandy

    and you forgot the ‘beer is good’ line 😉

  4. Carey

    This is quite possibly my favorite post of yours. So fun!! 🙂

  5. Pam

    Loved, loved, loved this video! some of these products I’ve never heard of before. I live in the stix, so basically just wear drug store make-up. I’ll have to look up some of these because they look beautiful. I would love for you to post another video showcasing your night-time skincare routine. I’ve always steered away from most skin care items from the stores because of the chemicals and just made my own with organic oils and essential oils. But, your skin is so beautiful (and fine line free) that I’m totally intrigued.Think that might be in the future? Fingers crossed!

  6. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Pam, I will happily try to put together an evening routine video or at least, a written post. I was “blessed” with really oily skin til about five years ago. I imagine that helps some with the lines. I order in all my products because we live miles away from a good Sephora or anything. All those products on the post are “clickable” – so you can check out prices, colors and stuff. SO glad you enjoyed!

  7. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Mandy, ALL the products there are links… or at least they should be. I’ll go check. 🙂
    I should to a brow tutorial. I’m obsessed with helping my friends with their brows. 🙂

  8. à la parisienne

    You are beautiful with AND without makeup!!
    This winter when I was sick as a dog and feeling just fat and ugly, my SIL, niece, and I made a trip to Sephora for a pick me up. I left with so many great products and I swear that as long as I can afford it, I will use better quality makeup from now on. I also use the same foundation as you, and it makes my skin look amazing. People actually kept saying that I had that “pregnancy glow” and I know it was the “Mom makeup.” If you’re ever at Sephora, check out the Nars blush called “orgasm.” It is a beautiful color that looks good any time of year.
    Another tip I just learned…Place one drop of lavender essential oil in your mascara tube, and you will have beautiful fuller lashes. I use a therapeutic grade essential oil (Young Living Oil) so I’m not sure how another brand of oil would do.
    Thanks for sharing your maquillage routine. I couldn’t help but laugh at Julien when he said he wanted to wear makeup–so cute!

  9. anncal2

    As if I didn’t love you already, this was wonderful! The links to the products are so helpful, too!

  10. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Interesting – I’ve been recommending products for years and only recently learned I could earn a little money – which is so ironic because I am an amazon junkie!
    I’ll come up with a “disclosure” — not that I’m sure why it matters.

  11. Carey

    I wouldn’t have even noticed the little referral text in the URL for the products you linked to for this entry. I’m glad it’s there, tho! Nice to know you get a little something if I order via these links.

  12. Roller Mill Farms

    I enjoyed this one! I loved the rooster and the kids, and all your recommendations. I just recently started doing my eyebrows – revolutionary! I need you to be my neighbor so we can swap farm ideas. at least there’s the internet! Way to be brave, keep posting those videos, the interruptions are what makes it even better.

  13. Bilancia Designs

    LOVED this video! This is about as real as it gets and you do it with such STYLE.
    Just adorable….

  14. Joannah

    Angela, you are FABULOUS! This was so much fun to watch. I am in the habit of doing my makeup every day since I work outside the home, but it’s always interesting to see what products other people like. I used to use more department store products, but I’ve been re-exploring what Target has to offer and I like the ELF and Sonia Kashuk lines there. I don’t scrimp on skin care or mascara though. I love Murad skin care, and TARTE mascara. Haven’t found drugstore lipsticks that I like as much as the Lancome and MAC ones I used to buy. 🙂

  15. Kristi

    Love this!! I was cracking up because I used to never wear sunscreen either but now I got the lovely brown mask on my forehead so I do wear some too now… I’m a mascara junkie!! I normally use Colossal or Falsie’s “every day” but I bought this at Ulta last month and LOVE IT. Thought I’d link it so you can try 🙂


  16. Kristi

    Ps- I need the brow tutorial! I am good with keep them neat and plucked but filling in is not my forte… :/ LOL

  17. Chanda

    Finally, I get to see this. I have tried and tried and for somereason the video always comes up with the sound and a solid green green picture. I enjoyed this so much, especially your little boy at the end. That was thee best. I have wrote down 2 items you used that I am interested in. The Pore-fection and the Make up forever. I am going to give them a try. I love make up too, show me a hair stylist who doesn’t? I have had waaay to make-upless days here on this farm here lately. You have inspired me to do better. Thanks Angela

  18. Sarah

    I found this tutorial through the link you posted on your distressed door post, and even though this was posted over a year ago, I just wanted to comment and say that I completely enjoyed it! Especially the real life interruptions –hence “mom makeup” 🙂 I am so guilty of not wearing daily makeup–sometimes I don’t even slap any on for church, heaven help us! But I was inspired to do my make up this morning, which turned into a 45-minute to-do (I couldn’t justify putting make up on when I haven’t showered in 2 days…bleh; and I should really brush my teeth while we’re getting ready for the day; and there goes the baby; and there goes the kids complaining; etc!) I keep thinking that it’s a waste of time sprucing myself up a bit, I’m one of those moms with a martyr complex– which I am trying to shake off! I am, after all, teaching my kids how to take care of themselves by how I take care of myself. I just have to keep reminding myself of that 🙂 Anyway, I love your blog! Have a great weekend!



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