Can we talk about my non-existent stone windowsill, please? I have to confess, (here she does again) being an über creative person with waaaaaaaaaaay too much vision has its drawbacks.  Creativity ebbs and flows but when it flows, it’s a beast.   Almost manic.   It’s chemical.  It’s there.  It has to come OUT!   That can be a drawback.  The biggest being, that in my MIND, I can see things finished.  Instantly.  

And while that’s very inspiring, it can create some discontent as well.   It’s easy for people to say, “be patient”, “calm down”… but I am patient and I am calm.  (a mon avis).  Forward motion thrills me.   Each day to be savored, enjoyed and dare I say… ATTACKED.    When it feels like progress is lacking, I go a bit nuts.  I’m that person that thinks, shouldn’t we ALWAYS be improving?     Improving our selves, our habits, our knowledge, our environment, our joie de vivre?    It’s that environment one that can be a bit pesky.  I look around at what we’ve done in this environment that we are creating and I know it’s a lot, but right now if FEELS more like one hundred half-started projects that got paused to go work the gardens.

I’m not crazy, hear me out.  I KNOW, we’ve made progress:

-We’ve cleared land

-Dug more beds for the garden (now totally thirty-TWO)

-Put in an orchard

-Had lambs (those lambs are destroying said orchard)

-Installed bees

-Painted what you can see of the outside of the house (truth be told, I don’t care if the back takes two more years!)

-Put in a summer kitchen 

-Stone stairs to the house

SO much that I haven’t shared, simply because we’ve been so busy in the garden since April.  And actually, sometimes I get insecure about bringing you so many things that are “in-process”.  (I forget others enjoy watching the process).   But DARN it anyways.   The housewife in me is going a little stir crazy with the uglier side of what’s going on around here.   So, the other day I “lovingly” put my foot down while I was prepping to make dinner.   Come on, can I get an “amen”?   How many of my friends here have “gently” talked their husband out of taking a nap so something could get DONE???   I mean, the man works hard, but I don’t get to nap in the middle of the day… just saying.  🙂

Back in April, we ripped off the second of three of the dreadful envelope windows.

Hearth room window before….

They all looked like this.  Miniature sliding glass doors, with a view to the basement and a charming plastic grate.  NOT.

The first one we went after came out beautifully as you can see here.  From horrid rough-hewn cedar (like having giant walls of Velcro) to soothing creme shiplap and Windsor blue built-ins and a nice deep windowsill.

Le sigh.  It’s dreamy.

Contrary to what everyone thinks, framing out these windows has NO effect on the effectiveness of the house.

And now, back to the kitchen and as to why I decided no napping was going to be involved yesterday…   You see, we tore the kitchen windows off in APRIL and then stapled PLASTIC around the window so Junior couldn’t fall through to the basement.  (Remember, it’s an envelope house, we are are a house within a house meaning on one side, the side with these dreadful windows, you can stick your head in the gap and see all the way down to the basement and all the way up to the attic.)

Mind the gap.


Hearth room window after















Mind the gap?  Oh, I’ve been minding it girlfriend. Since April.   Photographing around it, and listening to the plastic rustle on terribly windy days, and this party is OVER.

Fly strip is a nice touch, n’est pas?

I’m the stonemasonette around here and I’m DYING to create this baby that’s been floating around in my brain the better part of this year.   A deep set, very Celtic, stone windowsill.   I have leftover stone from the faux hearth project last summer and it’s calling my name, begging to be used.   And so, no nap for Joel.  I gave him magic potion of his LLV and waived some Motivate under his nose and I sent him to the lumberyard for wood to frame this beast out.  It has to be strong to support the stone.   I must have been feeling desperate because to have air compressors running and all that racket, while I made dinner, was not fun.   Dinner prep is my hour with a glass of wine and a Pandora playlist.   But I sacrificed romantic, peaceful time in the kitchen for progress on a romantic stone windowsill.   Fair enough.  We’re on our way and DARNED if I’m not going to have this project done by the weekend!

Deep stone windowsills are seen in French cottages, in homes on Mont Saint-Michel, in countless English country houses, farms, and cottages.   I think it’s just one more detail to push this house further into the past.   What do you think?

Stay tuned.

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  1. Kim

    I feel your “patience”. I too want everything done that I envision instantly!

  2. Joanie McLaughlin

    I definitely have windowsill envy! Another place to decorate. Yay!!

  3. Nita Hiltner

    My hubby wouldn’t give up a nap for me anytime or anyplace. You are so lucky.

  4. Francine

    I love all the things you are doing to this house. You have great vision and follow through. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Elizabeth

    I agree w Nita- you are so lucky! My beloved can do all things…. w You Tube and LOTS of time. So it’s- watch a video on the project. Gather supplies. Watch the video again. Go back to the store for forgotten couple of important supplies. Watch the video again just to be sure. Start the project. Time for bed. Our house is in constant flux- never done! But it’s fun!!!

  6. Anastasia Remmes

    I found myself taking deep breaths for you while reading! I think about the movie where the wife says, “I’ve said my peace and I’m counting to 10”! LOL! J’adore la maison!

  7. Rita

    Looking forward to the progress and final reveal.

  8. Angela M. Kadingo

    Oh so exciting.. I cannot wait!!!! I know that is will be fantastic!!!

  9. Jez

    Oh my goodness Ang… I thoroughly understand your pain! We are DOERS… IN ACTION CONSTANTLY.! That IS the cost of being a creative, but it is ALSO the beauty of how uniquely and exquisitely God has made us!
    We get things DONE don’t we..?!!
    Our poor hubbies, all they want is rest!

    I’m so proud of you! The gardens are gorgeous, can’t wait to see all the updates on the inside of your home as well!
    Praying for supernatural strength, energy and endurance as you continue to move forward on your dream home! ❤❤❤

  10. Cyndy Illies

    Bonjour Angela! I’ve only just found you, but am now a devoted follower! Love the idea of making a modern house into an old French farmhouse! You inspire me. I listen to French Cafe’ CD whilst I drink my French Press Coffee every morning! I grow herbs on my balcony. I actually re-watched A Good Year last night [for the 100th time!] because you reminded me of it when I re-watched your Summer Tour yesterday. I love the way you love your family, love your house, love your gardens…..and you seem so “bien dans sa peau”! Well done! Keep up the good work….I’ll be watching with admiration!

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Thank you girl! I’m loving these vibes! Sounds like our house LOL . I appreciate you being here

  11. Susan Snider

    It’s difficult to have the “gift” of vision and the drive to make it happen but still need help and buy-in from others who may not always match up. We just purchased a house in July in upper MI on Huron Bay and we hit it like a tornado for two weeks (it will be only seasonal until we retire), cleaning out 5 years of sitting empty and 50 years of trash. The house has had zero updates since 1970 and I can already tell you the rehab will be a lesson in marital compromise and I must pray for patience. I’ve heard “be patient” a bunch already and I was told by my brother-in-law that I’m just “too fussy” because I wanted to start making improvements right away (and I actually couldn’t even sleep in the house because it was so dusty and dirty it gave me a headache because the 50 year old carpet had to go NOW!). Like you, I understand there’s a lot to be done and it cannot all get done right away, but still want to get to my vision as fast as possible. I have to remind myself that in the process I need to fully enjoy what we have now! The bay is beautiful and the call of the loons and sunsets are spectacular up north (I live in TX). Let me tell you, it’s really hard when you’re not even there to get things done! In the meantime, I’ll enjoy watching your projects and I can’t wait to see what you do with the window. Your progress on the house so far is awesome and your children are simply precious! Hugs, – Susan

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      I so feel you here. My passion for redoing this house is so strong it’s almost chemical. As a VERY driven personality I think we should be working on it with all our spare time… We are very good about family time but that leftover time that goes wasted makes me CRAZY! I love reading that I’m not the only one! We just had this conversation this moring. 🙂

  12. Sandra

    Love the blue windowsill ,


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