So, about the new look. I figured I can’t afford Andrés right now and my nails look like I live in my potager 247 so I thought the least I could do for a little pick me up was a new look for “Parisienne Farmgirl.”
I’ve gotten some disturbing verbal feedback though – some say the screen looks spearmint green!!! Hello, it is supposed to be “Tiffany & Co. Blue”. I would appreciate more feedback. I can’t have a chewing gum screen.
And about the photo? Well, I was 8 months pregnant in the last one and I thought it was time to go. (After all those grueling workouts who wants to look at a pregnant face everyday!!!) Last week I went to my Mom’s and no one was home for awhile so while the kids played with toys I played with my camera. I was messing with the manual settings and then thought, “Hey, I’ll try a self portrait.” Well, I was being kind of goofy holding the camera off to my side and looking into an old mirror. I could not figure out where to look – the mirror into my eyes or the mirror into the camera lens…but lo and behold I got home and threw them into IPhoto and they actually looked kind of pretty! I had my hair in a knot, but that darned red lipstick that I got in Paris FOUR years ago and some bronzer goes a long way. Since I spend most my days in a skirt and tank top or cut off sweat pants and a tank top with a hair knot and NO makeup I thought for my own self esteems sake I could put a photo on my blog that made me feel so good – that way I could see it every day and remember that I am not ALL about garden dirt and baby spit up!
Along with the make over I updated a few widgets and deleted a few – I guess me thinking I could finish a two inch thick book by Dallas Willard in my “free time” was a joke. Not without mildew stains on my laundry pile!
So, there you have it, me with my signature red lips and hopefully a Tiffany blue and not spearmint green screen.
Oh, BTW! Happy Bastille Day (though I fancy myself a Royalist!) and Happy One Month Anniversary Nicholas & Victoria!!!