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Mes Anges

My beautiful boy…
…ADORES his sister…
…who is SIX weeks old.

How do I get anything done – I could simply stare at my children all day long!
If they would stay still for that long…
If they could only figure out how to slow time. Amélie is was six weeks old yesterday (which means I can and did begin working out again). Aidan shocks me everyday – he has a new little language that he speaks to himself and he is beginning to pretend play…truly amazing. What are your angels up to these days?
Clear the schedule, stay home and cherish each moment!!!

6 thoughts on “Mes Anges”

  1. Oh Ang…I wish I would have counted how many times I kissed her yesterday…I’m savouring every one…they are both to be cherished!!!

    I updated…put your “depends” on

  2. What a couple of sweeties! Mine is now 21, still not to big for kisses, but would much rather get them from the girlfriend than the Mom! 😉
    To answer your question from my blog, make sure you get the maple leaves off of the lawn, but in the beds, if they are not on top of the plants, I would leave them and mulch over them or work them into the soil.

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