Joyeux Noël!!!

‘Been thinking lately about the uniqueness of the Christian faith. Those of you who are not believers, bare with me. It is my prayer that this causes consideration…

I do love Jesus. I do desire to be like Him. And while I may fail ten thousand times a day I am seen as righteous before a Holy God.


The uniqueness of Christianity is this – it is the one “religion” where instead of us running like hamsters on a wheel trying to be Holy for approval, trying to be good to gain merit with God, trying to be “spiritual” enough …

It’s the one faith where it is not about man rising up to meet God but about God, coming to earth to meet us.

The Christ child, born in a barn, humbly, among animals. In poverty, in simpleness…

Jesus lived on this earth as we live, He hungered as we hunger, He had family and loved them as we do, He worked hard as a carpenter as we work hard to provide, He was tempted as we are tempted, and he suffered in death as all of us will someday. And through all this he lived a Holy life. Without sin. He died as the only sinless man, paying the ultimate price. He did this for us.
We did not…we do not deserve this.


It’s all so simple what is required of those who desire to be one of his lambs this Christmas.
Belief like a child.
Belief that the Man Jesus is the Son of God.

“No man comes to the Father but by Me.”

There is nothing we can do to earn his Grace. True, those of us who are believers desire to live as he did as a response of love to Him but there is no deed we can do, do act of kindness, no inner goodness that will get us to the gates of heaven. (If there was, His death would have been in vain.)

Only belief that God’s Son came to earth and died in our place. A Holy sinless God was born in a manger and died on a cross to pay for every evil we have done and would ever do. We are so undeserving and all He asks for this Christmas is belief.
I am so impressed by this lately. That God came down to us instead of us constantly trying to rise to meet Him. How exhausting would that be? Living in a state of wondering if you have done enough…

We exchange gifts at Christmas in the tradition of the three wise men bringing the baby Jesus presents. May I encourage you to pray about and consider the greatest gift of all – the completely undeserved love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Merry, Merry Christmas.
Love, Angela
Parisienne Farmgirl.

PS: Photos galore on the way!