I just found a brand new site where I can order MACAROONS! I can not be more excited. 72 delightful, colorful macaroons for 56 dollers – that is really a good deal but very prompt shipping is required so I can’t imagine how much they would cost.
None the less, I love macaroons and soon, within a month or so my blook “Thirty Days in Paris” will be up and running and you can read all about my obsession.
In the meantime, visit Mimi’s blog (French kitchen in America) and the new online French food store where these Macaroons and much more can be found- both links are found in my new French Food Links.

Blog of the Week: French Kitchen in America

Photo Credit: Lepicerie.com


  1. FarmgirlCyn

    SO glad you have found Mimi! Hers has become one of my favorite daily places to visit.

  2. paris parfait

    The trouble with getting 56 macaroons at once is that you want to eat too many! 🙂 Thanks for the link. Looking forward to your book.

  3. Linda

    Macaroons are my personal favorite French dessert–usually chocolate.

  4. Gypsy Purple

    Oh my…I have never tasted this…but keep running into it all over blogland…must have some!!



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