Merci Lisette!  J’ai changé les mots.

 (I’ll write in English for most of my readers).  
I REALLY appreciate that you corrected my errors!  I rarely write in French, speaking is difficult enough!  Would you believe at first I wrote “Changeons le Sujet“? But then I looked at “sujet” and thought, “Well, that looks really strange.”  Then, impulsively I added the “b”…and the “le visite” error – well, I should have known better given the “e” at the end of “visite.”

Alors, teaching yourself a language is so difficult when you have no one to speak and write with.  My dear friend Céline used to live nearby but has since moved back to the Versailles area – she is always very good to correct me.  I dream of fluency and people like you will make that a possibility for me someday.
Merci a vous


  1. martha

    Had you asked for corrections????

  2. cityfarmer

    I think anyone with more knowledge should step forth with this kind of tact….she decidely has it


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