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May 19, 2011 | On Motherhood | 8 comments

Children don’t need the latest “stuff”
and it’s funny…
You can shelter all you want from the “stuff” of today and they still notice what other people have.
Aidan said to me recently that we are the “only” people he knows without IPhones.
Forget Angry Birds…
Children need warm, fun, ridiculous, adventurous memories!
And you know what?
You and I need them too.
More often than not we need to get to get off our lazy and overworked butts and think outside the box.  We need to lighten up, take a pill, get over our agendas… Get in the truck, do something different, eat in a different location, bring toys outside, make a mess and leave the kitchen that way, go to the park, skip church and go skip rocks during the sunrise instead, berry pick, sled, fish, walk, pitch a ball, let your kids apply your makeup – whatever it takes to get away from “stuff” and get closer to a giggle. 
But you gotta get a bit creative and you
HAVE to be intentional or else
Time goes by.
We are being reminded of this BIG TIME in our house.  
We are learning that our typically well-behaved children act up when we are too lazy/busy to spend creative, unorthodox time with them.
We are learning that we DO have the time to have lots of fun – we just don’t take it enough.
These are the days we will remember.

The other morning out of nowhere, with a million things to do and a couch that beckoned us to do NOTHING (it was Joel’s Bday) we went to the baseball diamond in town.  Aidan hit pitched balls and the girls ran wild!

You would have thought we took them to Disney.

Today, (after these grueling days in the garden) it rained and though I have been working out there, even in the rain during this last week, I said, “Enough is enough” and didn’t stick one finger in that dirt.
Instead Aidan and I watched a movie about Volcanoes,
We ordered a pizza,
I let the kids put makeup on me!
They started out wanting to “make me pretty” but got so punchy as soon as they realized they could make me look ridiculous!
Then we took horrid, hilarious photos,
& I chased them around the house like a dinosaur gone insane.

Not my most becoming moment I will assure you – teal eyeshadow on your cheek will do that to you but the squeals of delight up and down the hall will not soon be forgotten.

LeeLee and I made a recent memory watching the wedding together and I never showed you our cute pic.
I teared up as I remember my own memory with my own Mom and I leaned in and whispered, 
“Momma wants you to always remember this.”
And she whispered, with her sweet voice and sweet, stinky morning breath,
“I will put it in my heart.”
Remember when you were a first time Momma and you marveled at watching your child experience things for the first time?
 Well, I have been a fool and have forgotten that they are STILL experiencing things for the first time.  Just ’cause life can be hard and mundane for ME does not mean it is for them.  Just because I am a workaholic with a list of too-do’s and dreams a mile long doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for my family.

Wearing vintage hats at five in the morning and making your first trip to a baseball diamond are amazing events in the eyes of a child.

Sunday afternoons are not traditional in our house.  I don’t make a potroast, I make a pizza and we plug in the Telly for NASCAR.  Eating around the little coffee table.  We celebrate every lap and Aidan pleases us with his creative centerpieces!  This last week it was a white basket with a Junior car.  

For those of us strict, scheduled, Momma’s… for those of us creative, workaholic, “I can do it all” (and most of the time can Momma’s) – I think it’s very important to refocus onto our calling every few weeks…

How is everyone doing?
Does anyone look, act or feel neglected?
What special memories have been made lately?
Are our kids experiencing the spontaneity and joy that is a right of childhood or are we dragging them down into our mess of stress, bills and a to-do list that is too long?

I hate it when people say, “This is something I am working on…”  I think it’s showy and self congratulatory but here I go…

This is something I am/we are working on.

How large and fun and full of adventure does
 the world become with this newer attitude of mine…
By the Grace of God…

Speaking of first time Momma’s – won’t you hop on over to “Beauty for Ashes” and please congratulate my Blogger friends Joannah on the birth of her long awaited daughter!  Born today!  (no post update yet) Joannah’s story is one I have been following for years now – It is one of bravery and INCREDIBLE faith in our Lord Jesus as she lost her dear husband last year but bravely went forward with their last embryo… one last shot at the dream of Motherhood she had had for so very long… she is amazing and I am sure holding that baby and celebrating with her whole heart right now!!!
I am over the moon with joy for her!  


  1. Pam

    Love, Love, Love this post! Oh, so true and a good kick-in-the-pants reminder to slow down and PAY ATTENTION! Thanks. And, LeeLee’s response to your wanting her to always remember watching the wedding, “I will put it in my heart.” completely teared me up. What baby talks like that? Your children are very special – and so are you!

  2. Laura

    ingstI always enjoy the pictures you post of your family! Such a beautiful family! Keep them coming!

  3. claudia b

    we don’t have iPhones, or iPads, or any of that. it is important for kids to be happy hanging out with their family, I don’t understand people who just throw gadgets at their kids or drag them around without giving them stability and a routine. kids need that far more than fancy new crap.

  4. Mandy

    love this post angela,
    thanks or putting your heart out there:)

    p.s. i don’t have an iphone either, nor do i want one;)

  5. Valerie

    Hi Angela.

    Great post.

    Ironic, that my most recent post was about going to the “public library” to log onto a computer to let everyone know that my PC was sick.

    I did the same on Facebook and couldn’t believe the number of people that posted that “they don’t even use their computer…just post from their phones.” I laughed and replied that the only thing my phone can do is dial in or out! I don’t even text. And apps…what’s that?

    I loved the pick of your plugged in Telly with the race on. Mostly b/c it was this big “tube screen” like we have. We still don’t own a flatscreen. And personally, I think when people attach them to their walls where they can’t be hidden from view when not being used, is just awful! It’s like praying to the giant media god!

    Okay, enough of my rant! Hope all is going well.

  6. Theresa

    I just loved this so much. All of it is so true, as I watch my birds leave the nest one at a time, I am reminded of those times and the times yet to be with my youngest two still in the nest. I recently found the library card that my recent college graduate carried with him as a child. The J was backward on Johnny and it melted my heart all over again.
    Thanks for this post to keep me on my mom-toes! xoxoo

  7. cityfarmer

    the children thrill me!
    You’re the b.e.s.t. mommy

  8. Joannah

    Oh, Angela! Thank for mentioning my sweet little miracle on your blog. 🙂


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