Memorable Memorial

Jun 2, 2011 | Full Time Family, On Motherhood | 7 comments

Ramping up for the big number six birthday.
Stocking up on kleenex…
Oh, the raw joy and pain of a mother’s heart.
Small, meaningful changes going on around here… 
from swift, strong kicks all day long from this little one
to coming together as a family
in ways the I pray will resonate thru eternity.
The garden is in… (almost)
The heat is on.
The pathetic little kiddy pool out.
And the frogs are singing loudly.
Humid, horrid and hot.
We love summer.


  1. Kalee

    Can I just say I love Amelie with the french press? She is going to be such a little lady!

    All of these photos are great Angela. I was talking about you the other day, how well you seem to be raising your kids in an intentional manner. It’s been an inspiration.

  2. It's me

    Great post!! lovely familly pictures,…join this day darling….love Ria…xxx….please join my give away if you want ??…xxx…

  3. Amanda

    So cute;)

    Such lovely memories made.

    There is nothing sweeter than these changes in our life and the fact that God has blessed us and allowed us to be home with our children to experience daily all the fun of motherhood.

  4. Elizabeth

    Love the photos! Forgot to comment on your magazine cover! Congratulations! So beautiful!

  5. Joannah

    So many great memories are made during summertime! I look forward to reading all about your summer adventures. 🙂

  6. cityfarmer

    I HAVE to drag and drop this to my desktop …
    do you mind?

    such sweet kids …summer, bring it on

  7. Valerie

    Sweet pics! Congrats on the magazine cover! What a sweet memory and keepsake to share with your oldest daughter.



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