We have a funny little husband and wife joke in this house, where if hubby is getting on my nerves I say, “Don’t make me blog about you.” And like a good little wife, I never do. Until now…
—insert evil laughter and organ music—
So, apparently every one is laughing at me.
Ok, not everyone.
Just my husband and his friends.
The chicken coop is going up this weekend thanks to my BIL, Joel and a friend… and… they think I am all nuts…
Because I want a Living Roof.
Serious, they are acting like I have said I 
want a freekin’ aquarium on the roof. A special place to keep my pet shark!
AS IF a green roof is 




Well see, now, I won’t back down.
Now way, no how.
I am getting this roof and I won’t take “no” for an answer.
I’m gonna shimmy my own a– up there and grid it into sections and lay the sod myself. 
Poop on them.
(Chicken) Poop on them.
 Oh, you should hear them! 
 Just STRESSING out over how I am going to keep it from slipping off, how am I going to keep it alive… and the funniest one of all,
“How am I going to mow it?”
For real?
As if this idea hasn‘t been around FOR CENTURIES???
As if 99% of the time my crazy ideas don’t work out. 
Listen guys, just build the dang thing for me.
Make it strong.
Really strong. 
 (I don’t want it fallin on any of my babies when they gather eggs!)
And let me worry about how I am going to mow it.
That still makes me laugh every time.
I should get them going and say I am going to build a ramp and drive the mower up it once a week… total dead-pan, and see what they say.
Come on girls.
Can‘t you just see a little coop with a living roof?
Can I get an A-MEN!???
Photo credit – Pinterest. Dugh.
I even made a new board for my “crazy idea.”