Well, it rhymes if you say “chamomile” au français.
I love chamomile.
I “discovered” it a few years back – truth be told, it was that old No Doubt song “Hey Baby” that made me want to try it.  
“I’m just sippin’ on chamomile, watching boys and girls with their sex appeal, with a stranger in the back who says he knows my mom and went to my high school…”
Strange.  I know.
Dang, I still don’t have their new album.
The herb garden is doing well for being so young.
I was able to raid my old garden a couple weeks ago and transplanted some chamomile and the blooms were calling me today.  The children love to help with the harvest and it is simple for them to pop off the little flowers.  The smell fills the air where we work and the conversation is so sweet.  The other day I planted an additional 3,000 seeds – so we should have plenty of chamomile coming soon.
It’s so fragrant.
Sweet and subtle.
When I smell it, I just want to keep inhaling – I just don’t want to get away from the aroma I love it some much.
I love to bake with chamomile.
Remember last years chamomile and lavender cake?
(Click the Romance of Herbs link a few lines down for the recipe)
And every day I have a cup of tea around 3:30.
Teaspoon of honey too.
Next year, when we have our bee hives my cup of tea will entirely come from la ferme a mi-chemin.
Half-Way Farm.
We are so blessed to grow things aren’t we?
How much pleasure comes from growing your own delights?
Harvesting chamomile is so simple… just remove the flowers, petals and all – no stems and leave them to dry.  Once dry you can keep them whole or crumble them up.  You can then use them in infuse sugar and make a cup of tea.
Our family is so blessed to have our porch too…
On a 57 degree day in JUNE we can enjoy the clucking of the chickens and the songs of the robins darting back and forth.
When you feel it – savor it.
That, and a cup of chamomile tea.